Домашний лимонад: топ 5 рецептов приготовленияДомашний лимонад: топ 5 рецептов приготовления
Lemonade beautiful cooling drink. It can be purchased at a local store, and you can make. We have selected for you the most interesting recipes of lemonade, which facilitate your health and the health of your loved the hot summer.
To prepare home-made lemonade you need not look complicated ingredients and give this much time. Enough to stock up on summer fruit, water, ice, and herbs. Besides a drink can be called a source of vitamins, if you cook it with home-made ingredients.
What is needed for useful lemonade?
Carbonated or non-carbonated water, mineral, or simple.
As a sweetener use sugar, berry (or fruit) syrup.
To diversify the taste of the drink you can use herbs to taste
Cool it can be a usual ice or fruit, or just put in refrigerator for a while.
Classic lemonade
What you need:
Lemon 8 pieces (1.2 kg)
8 table-spoon sugar
Water 600 ml
Method of cooking:
Squeeze the juice of a lemon, put pulp, sugar and juice in a blender and mix for one minute until the sugar has dissolved. Pour the syrup into a pot, add ice and water. Sugar, you can add to your own taste. If the drink you add 8 tablespoons of ginger juice, – lemonade will not only refreshing and delicious, but also useful.

Lemonade from green tea
What you need:
Lemon 3 PCs
Mint l of a glass
4 cups of green tea
2 cups water
Method of cooking:
Place the mint leaves on the bottom of the jug and slightly потолчите. Further pour tea, squeeze the juice of three lemons. Pour it all with water and put in the refrigerator. After cooling is poured into glasses, add ice and decorate with petals of mint.
Orange lemonade or home Fanta
What you need:
Orange 8 PCs
Lemon 2 PCs
Water 1
Sugar to taste
Method of cooking:
Orange peel pour the boiling water and leave to soak for one hour. Squeeze the juice of oranges, mix with настоявшейся peel. Pour the orange juice with water after squeeze the juice from the lemons. If a drink for you кисловат, add at its discretion sugar.
Pineapple lemonade or home colada
What you need:
Pineapple juice l of a glass
Lemon juice 2 PCs
Protein eggs 2 pieces
1 Cup water
Method of cooking:
Whisk the egg whites with lemon juice and pineapple, so that the mixture thoroughly вспенилась. Combine mixture with carbonated water. Finely crush the ice and add the drink.

Lemonade out of Apple and currant
What you need:
Apple juice 250 ml
Blackcurrant juice 250 ml
Sparkling water is 1 litre
Sugar to taste
Lime 1 PCs
Method of cooking:
Combine Apple juice and juice currant, add water and sugar, mix everything well. Cut thin slices of lime and place at the bottom of the jar, after you fill lemonade and refrigerate. Can add a little cinnamon and ice.
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