Как испечь бисквитный торт, не нарушая правил этикета?

Did you know that according to the rules of etiquette is considered the top of indecency, while visiting, ask family recipe favorite dishes? I confess, I didn’t know that. I don’t usually lagged behind the hostess, while she, completely exhausted, didn’t I, finally, all of their secrets.

And when it was explained to me that this is rude, I still have a long wondered. Why? Because his request I Express my admiration for the skill and taste the hostess that I her a compliment!

Oh, young-green… she became the mistress of the house and a good кулинаркой, I realized that was wrong. In fact, if you ask for a prescription of some interesting dishes from the table, honoured lady, as a rule, it will be difficult to refuse you. And how, guest’s wish is a law!

This means that, while leaving the other guests, it will have to General conversations and fun to find for you a quiet place, provide paper and pencil, apologize for the decay of leaves, on which the written recipe, bad grandmother’s handwriting. Then every three minutes to run on your call, «And here I don’t understand…» and give necessary explanations. In the end she will pity in my soul that has succumbed to your arguments.

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