Как купать младенца?

In the maternity hospital kids make us clean, gently запеленатых, say, a «hassle». The statement is awarded together with pink or blue envelope stack for women’s clinic and children’s polyclinic and advice to «bathe you today», «bathing can be tomorrow or bathe in a day». We nod, we take away their treasure and go home.

The house we sometimes realize we don’t know if child first), or have forgotten (if older children age difference more than three to five years), as the baby bathing!

My daughter for the first time bathed under the care of a grandmother during our stay in hospital проштудировала a lot of websites and books, surveyed all my friends, families who have babies. I childbirth, too, had studied these sites and books, but all that knowledge somewhere disappeared. The second time Kupala my daughter and I, after having asked who walked us pediatrician.

I hope this article will be useful for those who have recently born happiness.

Bathing is not simply a hygienic procedure, but also an educational moment. How comfortable the child while bathing and how calm at this time, parents, depends on the further kid regard to water-related activities.

To begin with, that the child at home to wait for the baby. It should be washed with soda and rinse with clean water. Well also buy a special stand-baby seat. It is set in a dish and firmly fixed in her cups. This is especially useful when the child is still not holding the head. Put the child on the stand and – hands free. But never leave a baby unattended in the water, even on the most reliable stand and even «just wait a second», though I think this is clear.

When a child in a prone position will be at least occasional hold your head, you can try to bathe him in a large tub. It should also carefully soda wash and rinse. Use chlorine and similar cleaning products are not worth it. In a large tub baby need to bathe, holding under the back of the head. If your child is afraid of a large tub or, conversely, too active and hard to retain one hand, arm and then the other, bring in the ass.

The optimum water temperature for bathing of the baby – 37 degrees. For its measurement recommend to buy a thermometer. They are as simple as in the form of fish, bears, etc. in the old way of measuring the temperature of the elbow, but it is not a very reliable way as adult skin less sensitive, and for the baby water can be hotter than a need. Our grandmother too wanted to make the water «warm», but pediatrician explained to her that in hot water sitter of infant friend feels uncomfortable. A strong overheating worse tolerated kids than hypothermia, and fraught with infringement of a metabolism. Even if the water temperature below 37 on one or two degrees, the child does not freeze.

In the first months of a baby’s skin is prone to irritation. Fight nuisance help decoctions and infusions of herbs. Traditionally use a Daisy and the series. Calendula has antiseptic properties. Motherwort, mint and lemon balm soothing to your child. Nettle and lavender soften the skin. Regarding the use of other herbs, you should consult with your pediatrician. Not bathe him in настоях wormwood, celandine, TUI, broom and tansy. Better not to risk it, collecting herbs on their own. First, you can not guess with the period of their collection, break the rules drying and storage, secondly, they may be polluted. In a drugstore you can buy practically any type of grass, and the prices are moderate.

Herbs for bathing must be applied with caution. First, use one kind, wait a day. If there rash or other signs of skin irritation, you can safely use this herb for bathing again. After bathing, do not need to wash a child with clean water, then the effect of herbs will be more lasting.

If the body rash persists for several days, you need to pay to the doctor and say how the grass you used for bathing.

In the first week of the child can be bathed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Its better to buy prescription Department of the state pharmacies, but can be prepared by dissolving a bit of potassium permanganate in hot water, strain through several layers of gauze, let stand. Add water a little of the solution so that the water was light pink color. Keep dry potassium permanganate or grains of solution in the water, even one crystal can cause burns! After healing, the umbilical wound bathing in the solution of manganese loses its meaning.

You can use baby soap, baby shampoo foam or bathing. It is best to buy products of famous proven brands, fragrance-free. Be sure to consider labels indicating the age of the child: for three children better use shampoo for babies than shampoo for half-year-old kids. Don’t use them too often, they dry the skin.

And the solution of potassium permanganate, and soap to wash the body with pure water. The same applies to the salt solution.

Saline solution you can buy in a pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. Well-buy sea salt recommended for bathing children, and use it in accordance with the regulations. Salt baths calm the child, have beneficial effects on the skin, saturating it with useful microelements.

The first bathing can last about a minute of every day-two extend the time swimming at the minute and a half, gradually bringing to ten minutes of being in the water.

Not to worry if a child in the ears is exposed to water. After bathing, remove it with a cotton swab. Drip any drops «prevention» is not necessary.

After bathing the baby should be a wrap draw sheet or towel and gently blot his skin. After the suit or wrap.

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