Как назвать торт? Например, «Олечка»

As always, the proposal is a consequence of demand. Just because people like sweet, there is such a huge variety of desserts. Cakes and ice creams, candies and cakes, pies and rolls, tarts and pies – the name of a million.

And if to speak about cakes, only classification ingredients will take a whole day. And what a variety of names… Yes, there is something to do science «тортологии»!

Dialogue candy shop, where they sell popular chocolate cake «Caprice» and Freak»:
Girl, tell me, do you Whims?
– «Whims» of today. There is one big «Fad». Show?

So, where do we start? Of course, with the masterpieces of world кондитории – cakes, included in the Red book of cooking. This Austrian aristocrats «Sacher» and «Mozart», Hungarian «Esterhazy» and «buildings in the square», German «Linz» and «black forest». The history of their creation are surrounded by legends. These arrogant snobs nobody is allowed to deviate from their ancestral recipes. And heard скрипучее grumbling old Sacher: I have dozens of years мыкался courts, fighting for the birthright, that something housewife done what she wants».

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