Как приготовить творожный крем-брюле?Как приготовить творожный крем-брюле?
Creme brulee French creme brlée means literally burnt cream. This dessert is a delicacy of scalded cream with caramel crust. Usually served at room temperature.
Hot summer dictates your eating habits. Want a light and simple food, including desserts. Even if you’re worried about the figure – indulge yourself and all your relatives and loved ones and friends delicate and light dainty.
For the preparation of a cottage cheese cream brulee you will need:
200 gr. it is desirable home and fat cottage cheese,
50 ml of milk,
1/2 banks boiled condensed milk
Method of cooking:
Using a blender, whisk together the cottage cheese and condensed milk until smooth. Then carefully add the milk and again beat well. Cottage cheese mass lay in silicone molds. Put in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Before serving, remove the dessert from the molds and submit to the state at room temperature. You can garnish with a sprig of mint, berries, walnut shavings. Bon appetite!
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