Как разнообразить гарнир? Вспомним о шпинате

The content of salts of iron in spinach it has been experimentally determined in the XIX century. And until 1937 this vegetable culture was considered by him the champion among the plants.

But at the time when the whole Soviet Union was glad to start serial production at the Chelyabinsk plant of the first diesel tractor-65, as Germany mourned the loss of his Hindenburg disaster, someone excessively meticulous, he decided to get more information about these salts. Here and it turns out…

It turned out that in the first calculations mistake crept. Maybe the technician was not very careful, or maybe he just was in a hurry… But the fact remains. Comma set incorrectly. In the wrong place. And in fact, salts of iron in spinach is 10 times less than the defined then, already in the XIX century.

But all the same. Even despite this scientific matter of history, of iron in spinach – more than. And all of its salts in this vegetable crops, among other things, in easily digestible form. Accordingly, quickly and efficiently used by our body.

On iodine spinach was quite without any error – растениевый champion. And this mineral, among other things, aging. Not so very forever, but… In the absence of handy all-Union Lenin Communist youth Union, who somehow – I remember, I remember! – guarantee the eternal youth, you can navigate the spinach leaves. Fresh or frozen – no difference. Who that loves.

And the content of the protein spinach is the third place, having conceded the first green peas, and the second young beans. Naturally, it is only among the plants. Meat here – any competition. Although for the sake of fairness it should be noted that their properties protein spinach similar to the protein of cow’s milk.

And in this vegetable culture – potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and… And a whole bunch of different vitamins. Which, incidentally, are not destroyed by heat treatment or canned spinach.

Therefore, poking a finger in the direction of other terrible diseases such rickets, anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension, enterocolitis even ashamed of. Here chesslovo!

Yes if you just wore out. Or want to increase the body’s resistance to various infectious diseases, which is now… Take, Yes, prepare шпинатику.

How? Yes, all stinking simple. It earlier in stores spinach day the fire was not found. And today…

Today he, as a rule, in any grocery. Importantly, decide where Department of frozen vegetables. There, among Brussels sprouts, peas and Mexican mixture must conceal and standard packing spinach.

Except for it we need:

– 4-5 medium potatoes;
the onion;
– 100-150 g of milk;
– 5-7 cloves garlic;
– a piece of fat grams to 100, which can be replaced with vegetable oil;
– salt and pepper, naturally, on your taste.

And… Start?

The main rule of cooking potatoes know? If you need a delicious broth, potatoes put in cold water. If we are oriented to the total delicious turned himself potatoes, he laid in already boiling liquid.

In this case, we need the second option. So also peel potatoes and, like water in a saucepan, boil, throw it tubers, previously separated 4-8 pieces. We are waiting for re-boil, присаливаем, turn down the heat and cover with lid.

While the potatoes are cooked, you can do all the rest.

First of all spinach. In another saucepan, pour 100-150 grams of water, put it on the stove, and not waiting until the boil, put our wonderful vegetable. The whole record frozen spinach not enter in already checked. So, without further ADO, using a knife or right handed разламываем her small pieces and drop into the water. In the process of boiling spinach, thawed. And then cooked. For this water in a saucepan we need to give simmer for a few minutes. Then turn off the fire, and the capacity of spinach set aside from the plate. Let подостынет.

And we, meanwhile, cut the fat. The small, нетолстые pieces, throw on a heated frying pan. How to throw a fire under it Bates. To melt fat fat, it should not be strong. Slightly above average – that’s the thing. Well, and stir occasionally, do not forget it.

Until heated fat, peel the onion, cut it into two parts and chop. First thin half-rings, and then their – across. The smaller, the better.

Fat be heated with? With bacon may be options. They can be folded out of the pan, and you can fry the onion directly with them. Here all depends on how to fat are your home. If not, then better cracklings folded and brown the onion purely on вытопившемся fat. Well, if you really not very good, it is from sin, it is better to replace pair table spoons of vegetable oil.

By the way, onion during roasting, too, do not forget to stir.

Until the onion of the case, spinach already cooled down. Fold it on the fine mesh colander and give drain. And they’ll garlic. Clean it and – in чеснокодавилку. If the farm not, peeled, chopped cloves put in a mortar with a pestle and mortar yolks them.

Oh! And potatoes… Already. Swara.

The water drain, add in a pan of warm… Necessarily warm milk! From the cold potatoes darken.

Add in a pan of warm milk and mash the potatoes puree. To which add browned onion, garlic and отцеженный boiled spinach. And all this is good stir. Until smooth a pleasant green-brilliant color. Our garnish. For the sake of which, in fact, everything had been arranged.

And to test it in the case, without delay, on our plate garnish. And to him something of the such. Men посытнее. A piece of fish, for example. Or мяска. Or cutlet. Well, and to the women, if they are better than any accountant keep records of calories eaten, to the spinach you can recommend something more than easy. For example, a fried egg.

And if all this already on the plate… For the buffet. At the table, dear!

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