Как приготовить мороженое дома: топ 5 рецептовКак приготовить мороженое дома: топ 5 рецептов
On a hot summer day many of us like to eat ice cream. This dessert is equally loved by both adults and children. Much debate is because of the ice cream producers guarantees the best quality and taste of this delicacy.
I WANT to offer you to spend precious days of summer on disputes as to make ice cream with his hands at home. Treat yourself and your loved ones. For you – the best ice cream recipes!
Recipe strawberry ice cream

You will need these ingredients:

3 egg yolks,

250 ml of milk,

250 ml cream,

100g of sugar,

2 cups of strawberries

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

All the strawberries mix and a half servings of sugar in a large comfortable bowl. Put in the fridge. In a separate saucepan, mix the egg yolks with milk and the remaining portion of sugar. Put the pan on the stove on medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring, until the mixture is smooth. Sugar should be completely dissolved.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and let it cool down to room temperature. After the full cooling, put the bowl in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Do not forget to stir ice cream every 20 minutes, this will prevent the emergence of small pieces of ice in ice cream.

When cool, add the cream and vanilla essence. Then removed from the refrigerator remaining strawberry with sugar and beautifully put on top.
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Chocolate ice cream recipe

You will need these ingredients:

250 ml of milk,

250 ml cream,

75 grams of sugar,

125 g grated bitter chocolate

Convenient bowl place the milk and sugar. Put the mixture on a slow fire and carefully to mix. Sugar should be completely dissolved. Remove the bowl of fire and a lot of cool to room temperature. Then place in the refrigerator, pre-adding cream. Don’t forget to stir ice cream. When it begins to thicken, add grated chocolate. Treat done.
The ice cream recipe from yogurt
This recipe will appeal to all who keep in shape. One serving only 270 calories, delicacy very tasty and very refreshing.
You will need these ingredients:
2 cups ( 500 g) kefir,
4 tsp (approximately 60-80 g) honey (you can replace fructose or sucrose),
1 Cup ( about 150-170 g) strawberry
Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour it over the molds and place in the freezer for about an hour. You can first put into molds fruits, berries, nuts, and only then poured a lot.
Recipe ice cream with nuts and maple syrup

For this exquisite delicacy you will need these ingredients:
100 g of walnuts,

50g butter,

2 tbsp. brown sugar

2 tablespoons maple syrup,

375 ml of milk,

375 ml cream

To start on a low heat, melt the butter, add nuts and fry them for 1-2 minutes. Sprinkle them on top of sugar and continue to saute over low heat. After 3-4 minutes nuts must cover a crispy crust. Remove them from the heat and cool to room temperature. In a separate bowl, pour in the milk, add the cream and cooled fried walnuts. Gently stirring, add maple syrup. After that, place the mixture in the refrigerator.

Recipe ice cream at home
To prepare ice-cream with the taste of childhood, you need (6 servings)
600-700 gr. cream with a fat content of 33%,
200-250 gr. condensed milk
First beat fatty cream, gradually adding at the taste of condensed milk. Then put a lot into a suitable bowl and place in the freezer. The average term of freezing – 3 hours or days, the time depends on the shape and volume of utensils, as well as capacity freezer. Submit ready to treat you with grated chocolate, nuts, fruits or berries. If desired, you can make vanilla or chocolate ice cream, adding to taste of vanilla and cocoa powder.

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