Как уменьшить вероятность заболевания раком груди? Готовим чечевицу

According to specialists-doctors, in recent years has greatly increased the incidence of cancer of the breast. And these are not just words or dry figures of medical statistics. Unfortunately, each of them is a tragedy. The great sorrow of a particular person, his family and friends.

Of course, there are no hopeless situations. And at the current level of development of medicine can be saved, or, at least, extend the life of the overwhelming number of patients. Especially, if treatment is started at the first stage of this terrible disease. But sometimes powerless and chemotherapy, and radiation, and surgery. Even if they are all together and comprehensively. And here one cannot but recall the old, well-proven practice, but maybe a little bit forgotten truth that prevention effectiveness is always superior to treatment. No matter how progressive and modern it was.

And many nutritionists, among others, argue that regular consumption of dishes of lentils seriously reduces the chance of breast cancer. «Serious». That’s it! Neither more nor less.

Well, I am reminded of retseptik. Who once brought from Hungary. There, I tell you, unlike us, lentils not only appreciate, but they love. Dishes of these pulses is quite frequent guests on the Hungarian tables.

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