Интервью с TK, ведущим сайта Thug Kitchen

Those who subscribed to my Culinary club, should be aware of the existence of the American culinary site Thug Kitchen, which can be translated as “Thuggish kitchen”. Unusual it is primarily the non-standard approach – the author writes about cooking and healthy eating, not particularly constraining themselves obscene expressions, but it turns out to be extremely organically and непротивно. Add to this beautiful photos with witty signatures – and you will understand why this site quickly gained a huge audience and received the award “Best new blog” from the authoritative gastronomic magazine Saveur.

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I had seen a lot of imitators Thug Kitchen, including home-grown, but, alas, their pathetic attempts at interestedness and wit were limited not too skilled swearing Yes recipes хрючева, is that a normal person should be ashamed. In the end I decided to discover what makes the originality of “Gangster cuisine”, and the best way to do this interview with the author of site. The interview is sharp and provocative, the author hiding behind the initials TK, traditionally did not hesitate in expressions, and I, not real, but all the same translator, could not deny myself the pleasure to translate indecent expressions as they sounded in Russian.

You know, on www.arborio.ru rare to find a strong word, but today is not the day. If you think that the Mat may offend you – please read no further. I warned you.

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Below is my translation of our conversation. Linguists, purists and those who are sure that in English the Mat does not exist, can go to the original interview.

It is obvious that without you, your blog is nothing, but you write about yourself rare. Who is behind Thug Kitchen? How should we call you?

Thug Kitchen is just a couple little, hungry сукиных children of Los Angeles. But you can call me her mother March Stewart.

I’m sure you’ve been asked many times, but some of my readers still wondering – how do you manage to write about food and constantly mother?

I just talked that way, especially when I ебашу in the kitchen. It was natural, and I did not resist.

When and why did you started to prepare for and write in the blog? And when you first tried the food that you have, and said to myself, ” Hey, it was good?

I cooked some food from childhood, but I didn’t always work. I burned the food fuck just like everybody else (and in these moments I матерюсь much more). Cooking has always been for me a pleasant pastime, but only over the past 7 years I began to really understand what the fuck I’m doing in the kitchen.

As you изобретаешь new recipes? Have any favourite kitchen, or is pure improvisation?

New recipes occur differently. Sometimes I cook something from the twisted shit that is in the fridge, and it turns out well enough to tell everyone. Another time I can just invent a dish based on what I want at this point. Sometimes I try to recreate or modify dish, which I have already eaten. It’s always different, but due to my diet so fucking good.

One of our readers asks for your advice – which recipe you can offer to seduce a man?

If you cook the dish itself, that is enough. Cooking itself неебически sexy. But ravioli always work, and whatever stuffed *cough, COUGH*. What would I refused – so it from dishes, a lot of greenery, because this shit all the time gets stuck in your teeth. Still, I don’t know why, but the soup is not sexy. Охуенен, but not sexual.

Many people do not like to spend in the kitchen too much time, preferring to make something quick and easy. What about you? Often cook complex dishes?

Fast, easy and cheap are the cornerstones on which stands the Thug Kitchen. But Yes, I fucking love to cook dishes that require time; this is how to solve a hell of a complicated puzzle. I feel fucked up how gifted, when I have it turns out, and I always loved to overcome difficulties.

I know that you “almost” is vegan, but what do you think is totally unacceptable? Is there something that you would not have under any абстоятельствах?

Most of the fast food that I look at and think “what a dick”, because this shit is not even present. I eat a fucking great food every day, like burgers and burritos, that we have on the website. People do not understand how good can be vegetarian diet, and that is what I am trying to show them.

You have hundreds of likes thousands of readers award for Best new blog from Saveur magazine, you mad Gwyneth Paltrow. What is your next goal?

We are currently working on a book, and it takes up time fuck. And we try to improve our site, because we want readers to be able to share what they prepare in your own kitchen. Ahead to dick is all that’s new from Thug Kitchen.

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The English version of the interview

It’s obvious that your blog would be nothing without you, but you rarely tell a thing about yourself. Who stands behind Thug Kitchen? How should I call you?

Thug Kitchen is just a couple of hungry sons of bitches out in Los Angeles. But you can call me Martha fucking Stewart.

I’m sure you’ve been asked this many times, but some of my blog readers are eager to know. How come you combine constant “shit” and “fuck” with writing about food?

That is just how I talk, especially when I am in the kitchen fucking around. It just felt so natural I didn’t fight it.

When and why did you get into cooking and blogging? What was this moment when you first ate the food you’ve made and then told yourself – hey, that was good?

I have been cooking food up since I was a kid but it wasn’t always good. I have burnt shit just like everybody else (there’s a lot more swearing whenever that happens). Cooking has always been a way I liked to spend my time. It was just over the last 7 years where I really felt like I knew what the fuck I was doing in the kitchen.

How do you invent new recipes? Do you have some preferred cusine, or is it pure improvisation?

New recipes come about in a bunch of different ways. Sometimes just whateverthefuck is in the fridge gets all thrown in together and it turns out to be good enough to share with everybody. Other times I might just be dreamin some dish up based on what sounds good at the time. Sometimes I try to recreate or modify a meal I ate. It’s different each time but keeps my diet versatile as fuck.

One of our female readers is asking for your advice, which on the recipe would you suggest to seduce a man?

As long you make that meal yourself, you won’t need to do much else. Cooking is fucking sexy. But ravioli is always good bet; anything stuffed *COUGH*. I would just stay away from dishes with a bunch of herbs in them because that shit always gets stuck in your teeth. Also, I don’t know why but soup is not sexy. Tasty as fuck but not sexy at all.

Most people don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, preferring to cook something fast and simple. What about yourself? Do you often cook sophisticated dishes?

Fast, simple, and cheap are the cornerstones of what Thug Kitchen is all about. But yeah, I fucking love cooking a dish that takes some time; it’s like solving a big ass puzzle. I feel accomplished as fuck when it’s all done and I always like a challenge.

I know that you are “almost” vegan, but what are your absolute no-nos? Is there a thing you would under no circumstances eat in your life?

Most fast food I look at and think to myself “no fucking way” because that shit ain’t even real. I eat bomb ass meals everyday, like the burgers and burritos on our site. People don’t realize how much good stuff there is to eat under a plant-based diet and that’s what I’m trying to show them.

You have hundreds of likes, thousands of readers, Best New Blog award from Saveur, Gwyneth Paltrow is nuts about you. What’s your next aim?

We are out working on the book now and that shit is taking up a ton of time. Also, we are trying to upgrade the site because we want readers to be able to share all the stuff they are working on in their kitchens. Watch out for lots of new shit from Thug Kitchen.

Liked? Want more? Then you Thug Kitchen.

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