Есть ли польза в шашлыке?

With the onset of summer, and with it the warm, even hot days have more possibilities to go out with his family and friends. The so-called picnic – is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a pleasant and delicious kebab. Perhaps, it is not easy to find a person who would not like this dish.

According to some data, marinade recipes in the world there are more than 500, what to speak of the dish. The main component of kebab meat pork, lamb, beef, chicken, in addition known recipes for fish barbecue and hardened vegetarians love to cook this dish only vegetables.

In response to a widespread opinion that roasted meat is harmful, some nutritionists are ready to protest. If shashlik correctly замаринован and prepared, it can give not only a flavouring pleasure, but also health benefits.

The main emphasis should do to obtain the correct shashlik, is in spices, which will marinate meat. They help to successfully neutralize carcinogens, which are formed in fried meat. And yet the same effect have vegetables, therefore, many dieticians recommend to cook meat skewer with vegetables.

No mayonnaise, no ketchup as a marinade not benefit neither you nor meat, so it is better to forget. This is best suited natural spices: salt, black pepper, garlic, dill and other spices.

At the time of preparation should ensure that shashlik not подгорал and not пережаривался.

Plus in the preparation of shashlik nutritionists believe that he is not prepared on oil does not contact with the жарящей surface, and thus for health is much better than meat, roasted in the home.

The most delicious meat for barbecue pork is considered, but it, unfortunately, is not the most useful. Much more valuable qualities in barbecue beef. But they should remember one important condition: the meat for this dish should take a young, otherwise, you just get tired of waiting, when your delicacy finally cooked on the fire.

There are economy is chicken skewers. By the way, as once he did not add extra inches at the waist, as can happen when eating pork.

And I would also like to note that the dish, which brings us to taste the pleasure may not be harmful in principle.

For preparation will need: 0.5 cups of juice of lemon, lime, 0.5 Cup honey, 1 clove garlic, chicken – 500 g, sweet peppers of different colors (it should be cut into pieces by 2.5 cm).

Marinade should be of equal proportions of lemon, lime and honey and add the garlic. Pour the resulting mixture package with chicken and send it all in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Chicken already for half an hour in this marinade will be ready for roasting on coals. Strung meat should be alternately with sweet pepper. The average time for frying from 8 to 10 minutes.

Bon appetite!

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