Чудеса актерской импровизацииI wonder what would have behaved Hugh Laurie, if at dinner his daughter announced that she was pregnant? How to look like David Schwimmer, the Ross from the series «Friends», if there was not an actor, and a coach of the women’s volleyball team? In a new photo project Howard Schatz Howard Schatz have answers to these questions. The photographer came up with a wonderful idea: to capture the emotions of the person who is in a non-standard situation.
To implement the ideas of the life he began to photograph actors, who reported the shocking news, or requested, for example, the little boy, подглядывающим for girls. Together with the magazine Vanity Fair Shatz made a photo project and published a book entitled «In the form of Acting» (In Character: Actors Acting). It was so impressive, that brought photographer world fame.
AdMe.ru picked for you are the coolest photos from the series. All that you see on the pictures show a continuous improvisation. Actors fabulous convey joy, doubt, despair, exultation, shock and other emotions.

Left: You are family-oriented and a good father. Are you eating dinner with his wife, when your 15-year-old daughter announces to you that she was pregnant.
In the centre: You are a young designer. In the morning before his first appearance you understand that your collection is not ready for demonstration and no one «amazing» things in it.
To the right: You arrogant narcissist British MP. You talking to yourself that live broadcasts BBC and you scared rushing from the sound of his own voice.

Left: You are unhappy father, who two months ago has lost her daughter. You have been summoned to the police to identify the body of a young girl. The coroner straightens out a sheet and you understand that it is not your daughter.
In the centre: You little boy on the freak show. You see, as изпирсингованный guy eats cockroaches.
To the right: You 14-year-old a girl that has just opened without knocking the door of the bedroom of his the 18-year the sisters. Sister had sex with her boyfriend.

Left: You fifty something years, you middle Manager, you quite a long time worked for the company. Only what you found out that after the merge, you will be left without work.
In the centre: Teacher of actor’s skill, only that you heard received «Oscar» actress thanked you live.
To the right: The offended woman.

Left: You’re an emotional coach girls-boxer. You jump around the ring and cry to her, She dragged you guy! She stole your kid! Ka ahead, kill Najera this cow!!
In the centre: You are happily married for five years now. Not something to be very happy, but you are happy and your marriage calm. You explain to his wife: «Honey, I said Рубенсовских proportions, this does not mean thick! Of course not! This means Рубенсовских proportions».
To the right: You 10-year-old the boy playing the ball with the dog in the apartment on a high floor of a skyscraper. Only that your ball flew out of the window, and jumped after him and your dog.

Left: You young naive actress, you recently in Hollywood. Your agent just called you and said that you have taken on a role in a film, scripted in you will be in love with George Clooney.
In the centre: You Builder. Together with his buddies at work you sit at a construction site and are going to dine. You cry a passing sexy girl: «Hey, babe, you wanna see what I have in the box for Breakfast?»
To the right: You middling drug dealer, you have to x*RA cash to a large мафиозному boss. Your courier just told you that «suddenly the wind and blowed in two sacks of your cocaine».

Left: You – a boy of seven, spying through the cracks in the wooden locker rooms, the girls переодевающимися on the beach.
In the centre: Are you an old hippie, activist of the struggle for peace, which the son had just said that joined the marine corps.
To the right: You just lost the house and everything that you had when the ball on the roulette wheel stopped at the figure beside the one on which you have placed.

Left: You approximate the wife of the famous телеевангелиста. You just learned that your husband was having an affair with a man on call and this is known to the press.
In the centre: You rich aunt Fifth Avenue you wish «Merry Christmas» to the porter, who never give tea.
To the right: You Barbara Walters, and interview recently divorced actress. You расспрашиваете her about the last movie, and then immediately ask the question: «do You really hurt, you are to young to quit?»

Left: You aging boxer, acting in the Middleweight division. You are fighting in the fourth round match, транслирующегося on the TV channel HBO. You are doomed to lose, but stay with your teeth, that though in the most recent earn.
In the centre: You creative Director of advertising Agency suffering from manic-depressive illness. You already several weeks of not taking their medication. Now you are trying to convince top managers McDonalds allow you to alter the image of a big Mac meal in the self-portrait of Rembrandt.
To the right: You 17-year-old the porter at the staff entrance of the Metropolitan Opera. You see, as of the theater takes your favorite Opera diva with her retinue.

Left: You are a team player New England Patriots, which for the decisive match the coach left in the locker room. you understand that missed the chance of a whole life.
In the centre: You are a scientist entomologist in the expedition to the Amazon river. You just discovered hitherto unknown to science subspecies of the worm буравщика.
To the right: You are the coach of the women’s volleyball team during the match. You’re shouting to his men: and tear them to pieces, make them cry!

Left: You бедствующий writer who managed to arrange a meeting with a representative of the Studio. You needed to make a good impression. But coming out of the restaurant, where there was a meeting, you see some fucking pickup, leaving the Parking lot, rams your taken on a car Lamborgini.
In the centre: You укуренный teacher, replacing the lesson in the third grade. Before falling to sleep, you warn the disciples, who at least пискнет, go to your own home in pieces.
To the right: You 11-year-old gamer caught at BlizzCon. Surrounded by such a dweeb-gamers, you extremely emotionally and seriously play in World of Warcraft.

Left: You obsessed with basketball coach you in the fifteenth time practicing reception with their worthless players from the team of the third division.
In the centre: You’re a little boy, first came to the zoo. The elephant just took you a trunk from the hand of the nut, which you handed him.
To the right: You husband begging wife to give him another chance.

Left: You – boy-programmer, flirting with a girl-черлидером and unaware that you had no chance.
In the centre: You leave home for the elderly where is your wife. This is your first visit, when she didn’t recognize you.
To the right: You coach a College basketball team, screaming at the referee.

Left: You are a teacher of violin at the rehearsal. Your best student monstrously plays Mozart, it literally kills the brilliant work.
To the right: You are a young father, who was the first to stay at home with their полуторагодовалыми тройняшками. They scatter in different directions!

Left: You Capo Neapolitan mafia, you listen to your assistant, who came to tell you what is he going to do «solo»: Boss, I’m leaving you and build my gang you don’t mind?
In the centre: You are a designer, gay, who has been hired to furnish and decorate the new Palace Arab Emir. His assistant, concluding the meeting, saying to you, Emir insists that before you begin you with his wife had supper with him.
To the right: You 15-year-old blockhead. Leaving the crazy party (which you’re not supposed to be) and you can see how students are stealing Lamborghini your dad (which you absolutely should not be taken).

Left: You came into the store to return a dead laptop, but the seller instead to take and exchange, it says sign up for computer courses. In a fit of rage, you cry for him: let not need to be computer-literate, to understand this shit just broke!
In the centre: You Iraqi father, your son accidentally burst your soccer ball, and cotton were gathered by American soldiers. They guided him machines. You’re shouting ” don’t shoot, it’s only a child!
To the right: You hit the ass going ahead machine. Вылезший drove began to yell at you and calling down curses upon, although you, well, at best, slightly scratched his bumper. You are trying to calm the hysteria: quieter, friend, do not get excited.

Left: You are the candidate for the post of the Congressman. According to polls, your work is very bad. You sit in the election office and listening to argue your consultants.
In the centre: You tailor. You see for fastidious client that looks at herself in the mirror and rejoices, as well sits on it, you have sewn suit.
To the right: You are a genius mathematician, who realized that the work of his whole life was based on erroneous formula.

You district attorney. Star accusations and your main hope on the conviction that only lied under oath.

Left: You just said that you have unresectable cancer.
In the centre: You are watching a basketball game. At the last minute team, the loss of which you wrote, gave up three-pointer and won.
To the right: You’re a caring father, your her disabled daughter graduated from College and you are watching as she handed a diploma.

Left: You 14-year-old the son of a single mother. You internally prepare to listen to her naive attempt to tell you where babies come from. With examples from the life of insects. all kinds of bees, flowers, pollination.
In the centre: On the issue of evening your daughter her cute girlfriend, you secretly all the time пялитесь, you said: «Mr. Лефоквиц, well you can’t be 58 years old, you are too cool».
To the right: You are a student, that should say a solemn speech. You have just presented to the audience, but your whole harvested it completely flew out of your head.

Left: You a successful young lawyer. Your neighbor on the invited supper just started you say «you, the black, so talented… jazz basketball…».
In the centre: You stand at the altar and see how the aisle comes your bride with her father. And then you realize that now make the biggest mistake in my life.
In the centre: You are a new York taxi driver, who received only that the dollar tip for 45-dollar a trip from airport. You barely hold back on, not to say «Yes shove them in the ass, the greedy bastard».
To the right: You mighty Hollywood producer. You have just decided to agree to meet with a beautiful, naive ingenue. And you think only about one thing…

Left: You U.S. Secretary of state. You distrust look at the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, who has just told you, «well, Yes, we are ready to send 50,000 soldiers in Afghanistan».
In the centre: You nominee for «Oscar». At the moment of announcing the winner of your opponent, you understand that the camera is focused on you.
To the right: You graduate of Yale University. As a member of the Peace Corps, you went to a distant African country. And now, getting out of the land Rover in a refugee camp, you first see that actually the words «hunger» and «poverty».

Left: You investigator from North Korea. You told their people to stop beating and torturing prisoners only when he has confessed.
In the centre: If you are homeless, who cannot understand that he was arrested and where he is being dragged.
To the right: Are you a Baptist preacher, calling his flock «accept Jesus».

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