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The fast food chain is undoubtedly looking to modernize its identity, as evidenced by its futuristic restaurant concept dubbed “McDonald’s Next” along with teaming up with YouTube star Casey Neistat. Thus, it’s only natural that McDonald’s looked to overhauling its packaging, which hasn’t had a major redesign since 2013. The new branding incorporates clean, bold lettering on its carry-out bags, fountain beverage cups and sandwich boxes with the iconic golden arches front and center. Not only is the outside changing, but the company has committed to transition 100% of all fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sources by 2020, as stated on McDonald’s website. The updated design is available at select locations now and will roll out to all 36,000+ locations by the end of 2016.

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Many food lovers have pizza on their list of favorites and Chef Bobby Hellen of GG’s has recently displayed how to make a true New York-styled pizza. Beginning with paying attention to details with the dough, Hellen takes us through the process of what steps to take in order to get the highest potential out of your dough along with consideration on the length of the cooking process. To finish things off, Hellen places ingredients such as mushrooms, mozzarella, red onions and more. Watch the video above and hit up your local pizzeria afterwards if this put you in the mood.


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KFC has rolled out a new menu item that has the internet salivating over their screens. Pizza chicken is a delicious concoction that uses marinara, mozzarella and cheddar cheese as its breading and sauce. The result is a crispy and flavorful concoction of two of fast food’s star players. However, the only problem so far is that this item is a KFC Hong Kong special, but hopefully if you’re vocal enough, KFC will be nice enough to bring this Stateside where it will undoubtedly become a star of fast food innovation.

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When you’re planning tonight’s meal, you’re likely more concerned with having enough protein and veggies than you are with having an orgasm. Put aside any wishy-washy feelings about the true effectiveness of aphrodisiacs for a second and hear us out: what does it hurt to try? If you or your guy could use a little extra oomph lately, add a dash of these known aphrodisiacs to spice up your sex life right now.

Oysters. Cliché? Yes. But there’s a reason lovers indulge in these slimy shellfish: They’re packed with zinc, which amps up your testosterone levels—and we all know that leads to higher sex drives.

Red wine. Not only can a glass soothe you, this beverage has loads of resveratrol, an antioxidant that improves circulation. And the better your blood flow down below, the better sex will be.

Pomegranates. The word pomegranate has sexy origins in Greek mythology: According to legend, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, planted the first ever pomegranate tree. But more practically, pomegranate seeds also increase testosterone and decrease cortisol levels, the effects of which heighten sexual desire.

Hot peppers. Chili, poblanos, and jalapeno peppers don’t just add spice to your main dish—they heat things up all along your body, too. Fiery peppers have a chemical, called capsaicin, which stimulates your nerve endings, making you feel turned on and his touch even more sensational.

Asparagus. Filled with Vitamin E, these green stalks help your body produce testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone—the hormone cocktail your body needs to response to his touch in physical ways, such lubricating your nether regions.

Beets. When our friend Aphrodite needed a pick-me-up, she ate beets to enhance her sex appeal. But besides taking our cue from a woman who knew what she was doing, these veggies are also a natural source of boron, which helps to increase sex hormones. (In fact, some doctors prescribe it in place of hormone therapy!)

Chocolate. Who doesn’t get in the mood after an indulgent dessert? But chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, which triggers the production of norepinephrine and dopamine—the hormones that make you euphoric—in your brain, leading you to bond with and want to be close to your significant other.

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In a bid to blend fashion with food — an always tasty mix — Los Angeles-based brand CLSC takes over one of the best rated burger joints in the city for the second time: The Golden State cafe, this time for 72 hours. Having started on Wednesday and ending this Friday 9PM (PST), the cafe has been transformed into an exhibition/retail space showcasing and selling CLSC products tailored specifically for this event, while still operating as a restaurant serving the very rare CLSC Burger that’s limited to this take-over only. The burger consists of Harris Ranch beef, provolone cheese, smoked bacon and house onion rings all smothered in BBQ sauce and sandwiched in-between two brioche buns. The inspiration behind its creation is just as direct. “I wanted to offer a burger that would taste completely different from anything [The Golden State] have to offer, and not take too much time or work to accomplish… you’ve got yourself a classic western bbq bacon burger, a.k.a. heart attack/orgasm,” says Founder of CLSC and its burger Josh Vides.
For those wanting to drop by, CSLC have put together a collection of apparel and accessories made available only during the 72 hour take-over. The range includes two T-shirts ($30 USD each), a series of skate decks ($60 USD each and unfortunately already sold out), pint glasses ($5 USD) and 3 x 5 prints. Make sure you work up a hangry appetite from the gallery above before heading over to the address below for that heart attack/orgasm.
The Golden State Cafe
42 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Rick Gencarelli was a professional chef living in Virginia and after hearing rumors of Portland’s food cart scene blowing up, he took the chance and moved his family over and opened his own cart, Lardo. Lardo began as a food truck in 2010 and its popularity grew at an exponential rate. Now five years later Lardo has three restaurant locations scattered throughout Portland. Portland is still a mecca for new and creative cuisines, so the competition is fierce. When asked what separates Lardo from every other Portland food chain Rick said this: “I’ll say it’s a real challenge to try and blow people away with a $10 sandwich, and at the end of the day it is just a sandwich. I think we create and add elements that are very chef-driven. Like making our own pickles, our own sauces, using bread from our own bakery, and hand cutting our fries. Everything is driven by quality, and I think that is what really sets us apart. I mean, the expectation is pretty low when you order a sandwich, so our job is to make sure it’s something special, so when people come in they know they’re going to get a sandwich from Lardo.”
What exactly makes a sandwich a “Lardo” sandwich? One thing that Rick does that keeps his customers on their toes is that he changes his menu around so that no one item reigns supreme. “Guests realize that they have to trust Lardo and not the sandwich, but that we make delicious sandwiches, not just the one that you like. We force people to branch out, and you never know there might be a new classic in there that you just haven’t tasted yet,” stated by Nick Schuurman, the operations manager for Lardo. We are all guilty of going to our favorite restaurant and ordering the same thing every time. That is exactly what Lardo doesn’t want. They want their costumers to be able to trust Lardo. To trust that Lardo will always deliver quality sandwiches even if they take your favorite off the menu.
When asked how Rick got his inspiration behind these ingenious recipes he replied with, “My inspiration comes from everywhere. Like my take on the Egg McMuffin, the Egg Rickmuffin, I grew up eating those as a kid, or our fried chicken sandwich. We just think of things that people love to eat and wonder. How can we serve those items on a sandwich? My inspiration comes from all over, from our employees to the neighborhood I first moved into, and the food I eat on an everyday basis.” Lardo has definitely made its stamp on Portland’s food scene. The acute attention to quality and professionalism they apply to every item on their menu assured them a place in Portland’s scene.

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The golden arches may be recognized across the world, but McDonald’s still has larger ambitions for its brand – namely, moving it upmarket. The push for a more discerning clientele starts with a new experimental restaurant called The Corner, located in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Part of McDonald’s $1 billion rebranding strategy, The Corner has been designed from the ground up as a modern cafe, devoid of patent McDonald’s branding. In fact, the only sign that nods to the McDonald franchise is the tiny “McCafe” logo below the restaurant’s logo. Inside The Corner, yellow and red have been replaced with white tiled walls, an indoor herb garden, and a menu that features items like poached pear, fresh quinoa salads, and filtered coffee. And in lieu of stereotypical fast food uniforms, The Corner employees wear relaxed chambray shirts and dark jeans instead. The company plans to use The Corner as a testing ground to help navigate it’s gradual shift towards a healthier and more gourmet menu.

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Attention, attention! Talks and shows!

As old-timers remember that our site is not only the more than five hundred choicest recipes and fun games and contests for everyone who loves to cook something and then to eat it, and don’t mind a good prize. I have not arranged competitions, but the spring sun and the rapidly warming the weather outside encouraged to undertake old.

parrot Внимание, конкурс!

So, the site announces a contest for the best spring prescription! Entry is open to all comers, applications are accepted during the month, and the winners will get smart prizes from the contest sponsors. Interested? Then read on there all the details.

Everything you wanted to know about the contest:

How to participate?
Who will be the winner?
And the prizes will be?
Small print

Sponsors of the competition:

philips Внимание, конкурс!rondell Внимание, конкурс!

…and others

Want to become a sponsor of the competition and to immortalize the name of your company in the memory of bloggers and readers? Email me!

How to participate?

1. To start, decide who you are cooking a blogger or a reader? If you have your own blog, where you write on a culinary theme, participate as a blogger, blog if you have not, you can participate as an ordinary reader.

2. Create, prepare and take a picture of spring dish. In principle, the spring can be any dish, if you are able to prove it. For example:

  • shashlik or another dish, cooked in the open air;
  • dish of products, season, which occurs in spring;
  • dish-aphrodisiac that configures the spring mood;
  • the dish that you are connected spring memories

and so on.

3. Publish contest recipe to your blog or if you have not, in any social network (Twitter, Friendster, Facebook, and so on – the choice is yours). Contest recipe should contain:

  • The link to this page or on the main page indicating that you participate in the competition;
  • A brief explanation of why you think your recipe spring;
  • Actually recipe with one or more photos.

4. Leave a link to your post in your blog or social network in the comments to this announcement not later than 22 may 2014.

Easy, right?

Who will be the winner?

Win, of course, the strongest, they will become the three authors of the best recipes in each category (bloggers and readers). The strongest will determine the most honest, incorruptible and unbiased jury in the face me, but we cannot exclude that in case of any doubt I’ll need the help of the hall in the form of voting, but quite other things equal, preference will be given to the recipe that sent before (so do not hesitate). In any case, by June 1 the winners will be determined.

And the prizes will be?

Glad to report that I am not alone in his initiative: supports me an entire cohort of remarkable companies, each of whom we cooperated in the past, and now we continue the glorious traditions.

As already stated above, the winners will be six – three participants in each category. Look gorgeous prizes for the first place winners:

The first place among bloggers

The first place among readers

1b Внимание, конкурс!
1r Внимание, конкурс!
This is absolutely gorgeous yogurtnitsa Philips Viva Collection HD9142/00 will go to the blogger who will publish and send to the contest the best spring prescription.
The reader, who will become the author of the best spring prescription, get this skillet Rondell Latte 26cm RDA-286.

Certainly, the winners of the second and third places will also receive prizes, but what it is you I will not tell you. First, we need to keep the intrigue. Secondly, if to get gifts from the bag one by one, not all at once, it motivates much stronger. And thirdly, I have something to write during the competition?!

So prizes will be. What is still a secret. But very soon I will reveal!

Small print

The contest was organized by the website and with the support of the sponsors above. Entry is open to all adequate Internet users, including foreign ones, with whom we will separately address the question of sending a prize in case of victory. For participation in competition it is necessary to the fulfillment of all conditions listed above, including a link to this site. The organizers will make every effort to ensure that it was fun and interesting, and the distribution of prizes is fair and acceptable to all, however, are not responsible for the bitterness of defeat and moral suffering that can be experienced by participants.


You can ask in the comments!

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I have no doubt that with flounder you are familiar: this inexpensive but delicious fish is equally well suited for frying and baking, and all this, I am sure, you did it not once. But the recipe that I propose is something very special. Just imagine: juicy flounder on a bed of vegetables and citrus fruits, which are soaked in the oven aroma of oranges and fragrant herbs. It even cutting is not necessary – tender meat breaks easily with a fork itself literally melts in your mouth. I think I am exaggerating? Not a bit. So be sure to try this baked flounder, you will not regret it.

Flounder in the oven with oranges and greens

baked plaice 3 Камбала в духовке с апельсинами и душистыми травами
4 servings
flounder weight of 1 kg
2 orange
2 onions
1 clove of garlic
bunch of aromatic herbs – rosemary, thyme, Basil
a handful of cherry tomatoes
olive oil
black pepper

Clean flounder, cut the fins, and then wash the inside and out and dry. RUB the fish with olive or other vegetable oil, and both sides and season with salt and black pepper.

Cut oranges and onions thick slices and garlic, cut crosswise into two parts. Lay slices of oranges and vegetables in the pan so that they can be laid flounder, and put on a sprig of rosemary or thyme. In the abdomen flounder put a slice of orange and rosemary, and place the fish dark side up on an orange-onion and garlic pillow.

baked plaice 1 Камбала в духовке с апельсинами и душистыми травами

Top place the tomatoes and a few Basil leaves: once in a hot oven, tomatoes begin to burst, the juice will be mixed with Basil and soak the fish on top, and bottom same thing will do oranges and sweet grass.

Put flounder in the oven, heated to 180 degrees and bake for 45 minutes. Baked flounder can be served on a large platter or directly on the baking sheet: butcher it will be very easy.

baked plaice 2 Камбала в духовке с апельсинами и душистыми травами

Cut the skin flounder along the entire length of the spine, and then, acting with a knife and fork, remove it, and juicy meat is put on a plate. Hook and remove the bones – they must be easily separated from the meat – and do the same with the bottom part of the fish. Put in each plate on the baked slice of orange, several sides, and do not forget the garlic: baked, softened, got rid of the habitual garlic sharpness, he will make a great couple of fish.

baked plaice 4 Камбала в духовке с апельсинами и душистыми травами

At the end garnish fish leaves of Basil.

Besides cherry tomatoes in the beginning you can add capers, and the rosemary and thyme to replace your favorite herbs.

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Simple sorrel soup with potatoes, carrots, leek and boiled eggs – dish, tasty, healthy, satisfying and, we believe, very spring. Try it yourself!

Ingredients: sorrel – 600 g, leeks-1 piece, water – 1,5 l, carrots – 2 PCs, potatoes – 3 pieces, vegetable oil, 4 tbsp, Bay leaf – 1 pieces, salt, pepper to taste, parsley – 1 bunch, eggs – 2-3 pc.


1. Potato peel and cut into cubes. Leeks, cut into thin half-rings, carrot sticks.

2. Sliced leeks and carrots, fry in vegetable oil until soft.

3. Sorrel rinse, Pat dry and coarsely chop.

4. Eggs to boil, cool and clean. Cut in half.

5. In boiling water, add the potatoes and cook for 10 minutes. Then add fried vegetables and cook for 3 minutes. Season to taste, add the spinach and herbs and cook soup until the potatoes are ready.

6. The finished dish feed, adding to the plate half of the eggs.

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