I write this article, we can say, in hot pursuit: only that I dreamed I have tried to paste, cooked Belgian monks in 1181. Until 1243 this pate was kept in beer, and then beer and poured pate matured pate in the basement up to our days. Taste and smell were quite curious about the appearance and price even to speak of.

I have no idea why I was in a dream this pate almost a thousand years of endurance, because in the real world nothing happens. But this dream encouraged me to find out which products are long-lived, in principle, there – and it turned out that the fate of individual Champions deserves to tell about it to the world. You see, in this era of disposable things and perishable products pleased to know that there is something solid and unshakable.

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Aged cheeses – photos from the site flickr.com

It is considered that dairy products is perhaps the most perishable genre food, however, and there exists an exception: cheese. Usually cheese ripens few months and two years of exposure in principle, enough for production of hard cheese like Parmesan cheese. But some cheeses are maintained for much longer – an ordinary mortal can buy cheese and 28-year-old, and 34-year old, and the oldest ever commercially available cheese matured for all 40 years.

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The oldest wine in the world – photos from the site dailymail.co.uk

Wine – the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to products that have deliberately subjected to long aging. That will extract the blame for the benefit, and if so, how much, depends on many factors – acidity, content of sugars and tannins, storage conditions – but of wines that you should withstand a really long time, not so much. The oldest bottle of wine, existing in the world, dates back 350 year of our era and is kept in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate: scientists suggest that the wine is still “alive”, but even if it will take the shock of the opening of the bottle, is unlikely to his taste someone to be happy. But open in 2009, the oldest in the world, a bottle of champagne Perrier-Jouet, 1825 – experts, which had the chance to taste this wine, estimated highly enough.

shipwreck beer 0 Продукты долгожители
Beer from the bottom of the sea – photos from the site gizmag.com

That a number of varieties beer дображивает in a bottle and is able to improve its taste over time, I already wrote. When properly stored, such beer will survive any expiration date, and although in a few decades, it is not much to remind the beer, as we know, the lovers will not be disappointed. Finnish scuba divers to explore, доставшим cargo from the schooner, had been laying on the bottom of the Baltic sea near the Aland Islands for nearly 200 years, was incredibly lucky: they have got from the bottom of a few boxes of champagne and beer. Many scholars, this beer is interested in much more champagne, but the opening of one of the bottles in 2011 found: yeast, alas, could not live.

2607642 MEDIUM Продукты долгожители
Fruit cake – photos from the site bbcgoodfood.com

Admittedly, pastries – not the most obvious candidate for a long shutter speed, however, traditional fruit muffins served in the UK at Christmas, many bake in September: for these few months, muffins ripen and become just delicious. But 4 months is far not a limit: in one of Moscow restaurants you can taste the cake shutter speed of 1 year, and many are able to withstand these cupcakes for years and even decades. The secret is in the alcohol which impregnates the fruit and is used as a preservative, although the oldest muffins in the world – they are now more than 100 years – eat unlikely to succeed: they become hard as stone.

full1315752192 Продукты долгожители
Trophy stew – photos from the site flickr.com

The oldest of conservation techniques, known to our ancestors, such as sun drying and salting, give us keep the products for several years. Another example of the canned tushenka and similar canned. Officially they have quite a reasonable period of storage – three, five, eight years – but actually can be stored (and stored) for decades. In some schools it is such a stew fed future officers (alas!).

mammoth Продукты долгожители
Mammoth – photos from the site christopherlovelljones.com

I think if we talk about the oldest of products, edible, it meat mammoths lain in the permafrost more than 10 thousand years. Deep freeze contributed to the long conservation, so many stories about how the dog had time to thoroughly обглодать excavated mammoths to arrival of scientists. Ever tasted the meat and освоителям the North. None of them, however, admiration gastronomic properties mammoth not expressed, but still edible.

This is not a complete list of products with impressive expired, but I think I managed to illustrate the main thing: in reality it certainly is more stranger than we can imagine, and everything – including storage of products – should be reviewed critically. Yes and millennial pate, if you think about it, not be such a bad thing.

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