Ресторан Belga Queen

I think no one would argue with the fact that the visit in the oldest building of Ghent, a granary of the XIII century building, once located in the heart of the bustling shopping haven, always interesting.

belga 14 Ресторан Belga Queen

And if in this building serves oysters, interest immediately increases significantly.

belga 1 Ресторан Belga Queen

Why would they not be oysters, if we came in Belga Queen, one of the best restaurants of Ghent?..

The restaurant, which is housed in a historic building on the seafront, confesses all the trends of the past seasons, the best ingredients, the emphasis on local food and local products. It worth a look.

belga 2 Ресторан Belga Queen

And here амюсбуш sliced salted salmon with cream of something. Taste so good and hungry, I didn’t understand what it is. The waiter, however, explained everything, but will my forgetfulness unnecessary fun atmosphere and beer, which arrived much earlier than food.

belga 3 Ресторан Belga Queen

Fortunately, followed by more substantial food – white asparagus with smoked cod and grey shrimp from the North sea. Shrimp these, small and sweetish – real Belgian specialty. To extract them from the shell is quite difficult, but here caring chef made it for us, which can not but rejoice.

belga 4 Ресторан Belga Queen

By the way, meet: it Stein, our guide on the Belgian side, a true professional and a very nice person.

belga 5 Ресторан Belga Queen

The sun is setting, but the main course is in no hurry.

belga 6 Ресторан Belga Queen

And here it is: fried back cod with beer sauce GEZ. Very delicious thing.

belga 7 Ресторан Belga Queen

When (and when this is dictated by logic), I prefer to order fish or seafood, and not meat. But look in someone else’s plate special, nothing familiar pleasure. Alice, make friends, entrecote. Entree, make friends, Alice.

belga 8 Ресторан Belga Queen

And when you think you can no longer eat any crumbs, bring dessert, and it becomes clear that designated in the abdomen galore. Especially if it’s melting chocolate fondant with giant ice cream and blackberries.

belga 9 Ресторан Belga Queen

And some of you have already eaten BlackBerry, and now cunningly licks lips.

belga 10 Ресторан Belga Queen

Restaurant meanwhile filled – no free table, everyone is busy entirely local. Kitchen is clearly not cope with the influx of visitors (and this is normal-it’s a weekday), but the guests were tense, having some fellowship. Keep in mind the popularity of the restaurant, if you are thinking in Ghent and decide to dine there.

belga 11 Ресторан Belga Queen

Well, after dinner, the best you can get – walk in the night of Gentoo. Benefit even at this late hour, the city never sleeps.

belga 12 Ресторан Belga Queen

Or sleeping?..

belga 13 Ресторан Belga Queen

Needless to say, I liked this restaurant? Long service compensated for good food and a wide selection of Belgian Beers allowed to brighten up the waiting. But when a side-by-side with you dine local, inevitably thou hast embarked in correctness of his choice. In General, I recommend.

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