Специальный проект "Поединки"

Special project “Duels”

Специальный проект "Поединки"Dear friends! We are opening a new stage in the development of our customers, and we contributes to the company Mistral. We present to your attention a special project «Duels».

The project will engage the best representatives of our customers ladles that their hard work and creative approach earned the trust and respect of many users culinary Runet.

Within four weeks of July, the project participants will present you the recipes with unrefined Cane sugar TM Mistral on topic: drinks, rolls, puffs and donuts, cheesecakes and fruit desserts.

We invite you to actively support the participants of the project and assessment, feedback, and comments!

Skill of our chefs parties will evaluate the independent expert chef Oleg Sotnikov, a member of the National chefs Guild of Russia.

The most charming leading charismatic, intelligent, sense of humor and exciting style of cooking holidays, cook showman corporate team building. A huge number of gay master-classes, and TV shows. Chef many catering and restaurants of the city of Moscow, teaching for more than 20 years. Professional Russian, German and Italian cuisine.

Our participants in July: girl with a player, Lady Kitten, Масяся, larik_malasha, nuf_nuf, miss.

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