Кальмары с луком. Как быстро и легко приготовить это вкусное блюдо?

I love these squid. Well, first of all, it is delicious. Secondly, very simply, quickly and easily. Believe me, this dish is available even to a novice кулинару. Thirdly, satisfying. And fourthly, relatively cheap.

Relative – this is because although comparison. Of course, if with cabbage and potatoes, and the issue of no – squid price in manifest loss. But! Tubers of potatoes is that? 75% water, 18 – starch, 2 – crude protein, and on… so, on the little things. Sugar, cellulose, different organic compounds. And squid? An important source of animal protein. And note – easily digestible protein.

Here and compare squid with other similar sources.

I do not know, who as we have, in Petrozavodsk, frozen carcass of the far Eastern squid worth 130 rubles per kilogram. A piece of pork leg would cost 260 rubles Veal – 320. Beef or lamb on the bone suck, respectively, on 275 or 295 rubles. Gutted carcass of a chicken – 110, rabbit – 320 rubles If fresh fish, trout worth 230 rubles, Sudak – 250, pike-110.

To conclude. At first glance, cheaper squid only Kura and pike. But! Squid, in fact, a fillet. And chickens, in addition to meat, and even bones. If we take a pure chicken fillet, it is not a hundred per kilogram. Pike – not less than one third of head, spine, tail, fins, the insides. Accordingly, in terms of fillet of pike more expensive squid. Of course, from the head of the ridge and CCS can cook, but if you take a pure beef part, the squid one of the most-if not the cheapest source of animal protein.

And now the second thesis. For what is «simple and easy». See for yourself.

We need a kilogram of squid. In the store, watch. He can be of two types. The carcass of the far East. This is what we usually see in the picture below which a signature – «squid». Normal in appearance, medium sized головоногий shellfish, such pale purple. Per kilogram of it exits normally 5-6 carcasses. Them and take.

If you find such a decent white block, the price tag that is written for «giant squid fillet», put it in a basket and put forward to the counter – not worth it. Trouble at the preparatory stage of this bar is much smaller, but… How many times you may take it, never from it, nothing good came out. Inedible thing. Rubber rubber.

With the carcass of the far East, of course, a little subdued have to, but this is exactly the case, when the game is worth it.

What is the essence of this «trouble»? Squid is usually sold frozen. Now, before you start to cook it, it must be fully разморозиться at room temperature. This procedure takes not less than 3-4 hours. Therefore, if bought before lunch, squid on the table for dinner. If you took it out of the fridge in the evening, in the morning he’s just thawed. Then rolled their sleeves up, tied an apron and – for the cause. If you start to process still frozen (or not fully thawed) squid, it will be a rubber already by definition. No matter how you try.

Defrost yet all. As squid thawed, boil the kettle with water. Steamed up too? Pour hot liquid in the pot, where squid thawed, and almost immediately, what a moment with a small tail, and pour out. As merged, each carcass rinse under cold water. With one hand hold another потираем carcass, so it slid thin film-coated abrasives and from this dirty pale violet freak squid recolor in ivory. Became creamy cream, almost white.

And while squid again thrown into the bowl, don’t forget to pull it cartilage хитиновую plate-«arrow», supporting his body. For science this thing called Gladius, and she is a shell. It is also a protein. But – трудноусвояемый. Better get him out of the carcass and discard. While both inside and outside the running of the carcass is sure to discover.

As the skin is removed, хитиновую plate thrown, squid need to cut. On a cutting Board it – and across the «head» (not forgotten that he головоногий?), the thin, 3-4 millimeters thick strips. Cut all prepared carcass and put them back in the enameled bowl.

Now came the turn of the bow. On each of a squid take hair, peel and chop the half-rings.

The preparatory stage of all. Then everything much faster.

Put the frying pan on the stove. Warm up to her and pour vegetable oil to the bottom of the dish was closed with a thin oily skin. Still slightly wait and put the onions in the pan. Now linger not. From the plate and do not depart, to bow not burnt, actively interfere with a slotted spoon or a wooden spatula.

Once browned onions and became Golden, usually 10-15 minutes for this is enough, add to it ahead of time sliced squid. And we continue to interfere. Not so, of course, actively as a bow, but… Sleep do not advise it. And so 7-8 minutes. Usually squid more than five minutes to prepare not recommended, from excess heat treatment he loses its taste qualities and becomes a rubber. But as Luke we have a lot, he’s a part of the temperature «shock» takes on himself, for 2-3 minutes in excess of permissible harm taste parameters serves not inflict. But more… No way! You cannot.

Heat treatment process squid is a technology. And its violation is fraught. You do not обжариваете pancake on one side 20 minutes? Even if you try, then the second party already fry is not necessary. It simply will not. Because technology is obligatory for observance by both pancakes, and squid. This головоногий – very tasty product, but in thermal treatment needed delicacy. The principle of «more sensitive to sure in this case use can not be.

As time ran out, turn off the stove, dish salt, pepper to taste, stir again and leave a pan of hot stove.

And what? Isn’t that fast? All the time that you spend with plate – maximum of half an hour. And… Throw on the pan and let themselves. What can be easier?

The best side dish to this dish – mashed potatoes. When fried squid allocates enough fluids. In a mix with onions and pepper it’s a great sauce. Here it is, potatoes… Taste… Especially if the top, but still finely chopped herbs…

Well, it’s yourself you.

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