Клубнички захотелось! 4 рецепта вкуснейшего варенья

– How to make people happy?
– We have to give them joy, love, and a little jam!
Quote from the m/f «Karlson on the roof»

… and not as a way home from a three-liter jars! Table spread samovar wheezing, somewhere in the corner of the swarming bees, attracted by the sweet aroma of strawberries… Марусенька наварила jam… «Strawberry season is short, said grandma, so need to catch and ягодок eat, and вареньица acquire».

In the beds of her different berries much there, and strawberries, according to tradition, opened the cropping season. Elastic such, granular beauty carved in a cap with a peduncle… needless to say, that the strawberry was sweet, and the jam most fragrant?!

For all the beds with a mustache successfully evolved in a smooth and soft turf. Not just that – strawberries grow. But I am now not feed bread, give only to cook preserves. In General, do market man cashier…

July – happy strawberry time! Happy owners of personal огородиков know that collect strawberries better in dry weather. And with the purchased berries principle is the same. If two days in a row had been pouring with rain, the probability to find on the shelves something decent low. Believe me, from rotten and watery strawberry nothing good happens, how you cook and sugar not посыпай.

We need to beautifully berry to berry.

Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring, My summer JAM is really made from all these things… Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring My summer JAM is really made from all these things…

A classic of the genre:

1 kg of strawberries, 1 kg of sugar; a pair of spoons of lemon juice (always for 5 minutes until tender and always on request, suddenly who are allergic to citrus).

Лакомый кусочек! Tidbit!

Let’s go!

Strawberries, rinse well, immersed in cold water, and then remove the stem (nobody promised an easy life!). If the berries are large, can be cut into four parts. Now put berries in a wide pan, пересыпаем sugar and forget about them for six hours at least (the strawberries should let the juice and dissolve sugar).

Time. Put pot on the fire, bring to boil and cook on low heat for 5 minutes, gently removing the foam. If this manipulation miss our jam will not only look ugly, but also risks засахариться. So do not be lazy – it is easy. (And, by the way, «Borodinskiy» with the sugar thing – the most delicious dessert in the world.) Remove the pot with fire, and they are going to drink tea with бутерами.

According to the rules of jams boiled three times at five minutes long выстаиванием (be prepared to re-tea!). This is to ensure that the berries have kept the form. We’re not baby purees cook, right?!

Путь клубники от пузыриков до пузика Path strawberries from the responsibility to пузика

Variations on a theme:

1. Strawberry + banana

As bananas themselves sweet guys, due to their presence in a jam amount of sugar can be reduced almost by half.

On kg of berries take three ripe bananas and 600 grams of sugar. A couple of tablespoons of lemon juice at the end of the cooking for the color.

Bananas should be clear and cut meat into pieces, then put it in strawberries just before the second cooking. Cook at low boil for 10-15 minutes, not forgetting as necessary to remove the foam (Oh, sandwiches, sandwiches!). Remove the jam from heat and leave for 5-6 hours and only then to cook until ready. To 100% verify the readiness of jam, put some syrup on a cold plate. If not spreads – cheers, jam we did everything right! You can pour banks!

Ах, бутерброд, бутерброд, так и просится в рот! Oh, sandwich, sandwich asks in the mouth!

2. Strawberry + ginger

1 kg of strawberries, 500 grams of sugar + 1 packet of vanilla, 100 grams grated grate the ginger juice, juice and peel of half a lemon. Prepare the classical scenario, putting all the supplements before the second cooking. The output is a sweet and not even a sharp вареньице with easy ginger «tingling». Funny to watch people who try an invigorating blend of ginseng strawberries» for the first time. The enthusiastic puzzled wondering what is funny.

Едим джем – на радостях танцуем джагу! Eat jam in the joys of dance джагу!

3. Balsamic strawberry

1 kilo of strawberries, 800 grams of sugar, 100 milliliters of balsamic vinegar, a bunch of Basil (optional). For the first time, as usual, boil for strawberries with sugar. Follow the traditional already 5-6 hour pause. Again set on fire, bring to the boil, remove the foam, add the vinegar, put tied a bunch of Basil (at the end of it need to be removed) and immediately bring to the readiness. It takes 30-35 minutes. Happens буржуйское jam-jam with the stand freshness Basilica and saturated shade of noble wines. Treat either with ice-cream use, or fill them тарталетку! Bon appetite!

Эх, клубничка, пломбирка, пломбирка моя... Oh, strawberry, пломбирка, пломбирка my…

Тартолетка с клубничным вареньем превращается в ТОРТолетку! Тартолетка with strawberry jam becomes ТОРТолетку!

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