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Фаршированный перец за 20 минут. ВидеорецептФаршированный перец за 20 минут. Видеорецепт
Season vegetables and fruits already started! Hurrah! Salads, vegetable casseroles, stuffed vegetables, vegetable smoothies.
That the main thing in all of this? Taste, usefulness, calorie, and, of course, the speed of the preparation of your summer vegetable masterpiece! There’s an idea! Cook stuffed peppers in just 20 minutes! To do this, use a special kind of cereals wheat couscous.
Kus-Kus, you can’t cook, but just pour boiling water and leave until complete absorption of the liquid for 5-10 minutes. In addition, couscous is a unique flavor. After cooking it always remains separate.
And what is couscous?
Couscous is the croup of Arab origin, made from crushed durum wheat and water. On the Ukrainian market couscous is presented under TM Zhmenka. Kus-Kus TM Zhmenka its structure resembles black (осетровую) caviar always falls apart in your mouth.
In addition, couscous TM Zhmenka made from durum wheat, and for a long time provides a feeling of fullness!
Prepare vegetable him a treat видеорецепту Pepper stuffed with couscous in the oven
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