Летний перекус в офисе: чем питатьсяЛетний перекус в офисе: чем питаться
Keep track of your nutrition is important, but sometimes hard. Vanity, problems, work and speed time leave no possibility to lead a healthy and relaxed way of life. However, even spending most of his days at work, in the office, you can eat correctly and keep the body in shape. I WANT to tell you of the best options for summer snacking in the workplace.
Snacks in the summer should be easy, but useful. They must feed the body are a number of important elements that we need to be productive, energy, mood and positive emotions. While it is desirable that they were not heavy for digestion snacking is between meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between these techniques must necessarily pass 2-4 hours, it depends on the amount of servings. There exist different views on what should be and do we even need snacks. However, many experts on healthy eating agree that they are important for health, thanks to them, the liver works better, accelerates metabolism. It all depends on how strong your will is to do snacking correct, and not be tempted simply cookies or candy, a sandwich in haste or chocolate.

Products that will help you pass the time in front of the computer before the official dinner should be low-calorie, because the main cause weight gain – half and still work. Add to that the constant consumption of food, the habit of always something to chew on, and a beautiful body you cannot see.

Products for snacking can be simple and simple preferably comfortable to be taken by hand and not be distracted by more than a few minutes or even seconds. In the summer it can be fruits and vegetables, nuts and berries. Berry secrete raspberries. It contains acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin, therefore, will not terrible headache throughout the work day. In addition, the berries contain high amount of pectin, organic acids, vitamin A strengthens the nails and hair roots, vitamin C, that removes excess fluid from the body, lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.
Fruit recommend apples, pears, peaches and apricots. They improve the metabolism and enriches body with vitamins. Without vegetables also can not do, so please be beautiful and useful tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and carrots. The latest came highly recommended to chew on as often as possible in the workplace. Carrots contains carotene, it is useful for acne-prone skin, but it is also useful for the conservation of view, what could be more important for people who spend a lot of time at their computers.

Many nutritionists agree that from classic sandwiches with a loaf of bread or even any other bread is better to refuse. Click the useful bread will not harm the figure and will satisfy your hunger. Eat them with a slice of cheese, sausage or vegetable, RUB your home-made pate, any cheese or fish, peanut or vegetable paste, or simply garnish with a sprig of greenery. Well enter in your schedule snacking red fish. Especially salted salmon, salmon, trout, salmon. They are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids which strengthen blood vessels, improves the skin, nails and teeth.
Choosing nuts for snacking, prefer almonds. It is rich with natural oils, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. Almonds also a source of vegetable protein, perfectly tones up your mood and give you strength.

You can also bite boiled eggs, stuffed in a variety of ways. Beautiful, tasty and useful. Some experts recommend a healthy diet olives. This food is definitely an acquired taste, but olives many useful properties. They contain about a hundred active substances and are sources of vitamins shop – A and E. They will help restore the skin condition, bright and healthy complexion, and return from stress and fatigue.
Don’t forget to diversify your day of sour-milk products. It is better to choose kefir, fermented baked milk, yeast, натуральнеы yogurt without additives. Sweet yogurt and a variety of cheese desserts delicious, but contain many substances that have no benefit to your body. Many nutritionists recommend and even insist that food drink, you cannot. After each meal should drink a glass of water not earlier than 40 minutes. This will improve the process of digestion and removes the feeling of heaviness.
The work also recommend snacking baked potatoes, light vegetable or fruit salads. Remember, however, that for one person is serving for a quick snack, and another with a light lunch, lunch, or dinner. Do not overload your body, but at the same time, do not be fooled by it. Listen to the feelings, what you would like. Do not forget that the main thing – the feeling of a measure. Adhering to proper diet and exercising, with light, healthy snacks, you save and shape and maintain your health. Remember how eats most of the French? They eat portions not exceeding 150 gr, but from 6 to 8 times a day. Try this diet for 2 weeks, maybe you he will appeal?

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