Летний освежающий десерт из сочного арбуза

Photo: Flickr/by yoko can’t spell

It is about simple recipe: basic mixture should freeze in the freezer to get sorbet, add to the mass of mineral water and refreshing dessert is ready.

And if you pour a little tequila, you get an excellent and easy alcoholic cocktail.

You will need:

• a quarter of a water-melon

• two tablespoons white sugar

• juice of one lime

• dozens of mint leaves

Photo: Liina Carron, rus.postimees.ee

Clear watermelon seeds, remove the peel. Mix the pulp of watermelon in a mixer with lime juice, sugar and mint leaves.

For the preparation of sorbet basic mixture freeze in the freezer, and for reception of soft drink – add to the mass of mineral water to taste.

Photo: stickygooeychef

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