Тарталетки с малиновым конфитюром и белым шоколадомTartlets with raspberry jam and white chocolate will be a perfect decoration for any holiday table.

So looks tartlet with raspberry jam and white chocolate

This truly summer treat certainly will appeal to both adults and children. Try to cook it at home, and will help to make it Alice Еловенкова – owner of confectionary workshop Cakealisa.
Cream with white chocolate


70 g of cream,
350 grams of milk,
95 g yolks,
20 g gelatin,
210 g white chocolate,
350 g 33% cream,
Vanillin at the tip of a knife.

Milk mix with the cream, add the yolks, stirring constantly, bring to a thickening (85 C). Soak gelatin in cold water (50 g) and allow to swell. Add the hot gelatin mixture, stir and pour the chocolate, cool up to 45 C. the whipped cream and gradually enter into egg-chocolate mixture, add the vanilla, then pour in silicon shape in the form of hemispheres and put in the freezer.

This portion is calculated somewhere on 18 hemispheres, if you will have a cream, you can pour it into the form for the cake and freeze. Such procurement can be stored at a temperature of -18 C and is useful for making any cake as finished layer.
How to make a crimson кофитюр at home, you can look here.

Shortbread dough for happy birthday loaf pan

180 g of butter,
140 grams of sugar powder,
30g small coconut flakes,
50 g eggs
50 g of egg yolks,
360 g of flour.

Mix soft butter, sugar powder, coconut, egg yolks and enter gradually. In the end, add the flour, stir quickly, put the dough between 2 films, roll out and put in a freezer. When the dough has cooled, cut blanks for happy birthday loaf pan. Bake at 170, With about 15 minutes until Golden brown. The remaining dough can be stored in the freezer and use it for fruit tart.


At the bottom of tartlets put 2 tablespoons raspberry marmalade (jam), on them gently frozen hemisphere of white chocolate. The curb on the edges of the complete зефирным cream and top dessert garnish with raspberries.

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