Настоящая окрошка

As a shame to admit that, in Russia completely forgotten how to cook hodgepodge. In most cases – that style cuisine in the restaurant instead of as a refreshing, spicy, refreshing summer meals will bring incomprehensible mess with baloney, bathed in sweet kvass. Meanwhile, cook the real Russian hodgepodge no more difficult, but the result is a real delicacy, not worse than those lovely summer soups, as gazpacho, tarator or вишисуаз. A shame indeed the third Millennium in the yard, and we are still Olivier pour kvass, hopefully without mayonnaise.

This hash

okroshka 2 Настоящая окрошка
4 servings
800 g of meat (boiled or roasted beef, chicken, pork, poultry, ham etc)
4 eggs
4 fresh cucumber
great bunch green onions
sour cream
black pepper
1 HP white kvass and kvass for okroshka

The correct hash starts with good meat. Originally hodgepodge made from residues, hence the use of different meats, as boiled and baked. If you too something is left, then great, no – you can use boiled beef or chicken broth (if only not sausage). The most delicious and luxurious орошка – team, with different meat, but, of course, you can use one. Anyway, cut all the meat in small cube.

okroshka 1 Настоящая окрошка

Boil hard boiled eggs, cool under cold water and finely chop. Cucumbers cut into small dice, and all the greens as follows chop. If it is spring or early summer, you can add a little young radish, not forgetting that the volume ratio of meat and other ingredients hash should be about the same.

Having prepared all the components of the hash, you can start collecting them in a large bowl, what is more convenient, or is direct in plates, which will comply with the right proportions, and in addition, looks beautiful.

okroshka 3 Настоящая окрошка


Kvass in the hash does – a special story. The rules are added hodgepodge white kvas, but make it at home – that still confusion and selling I saw of him. If you do not want to cook kvass themselves, advise to choose the one that the least sweet and газирован. This time I was preparing okroshka with not a very sweet kvass on ферментированном malt that is also not very good, but it is OK.

Put meat, vegetables, eggs and greens on plates, add in every teaspoon of mustard and horseradish, salt and pepper. Pour cold kvass, optionally, add sour cream and mix well.

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