Пить или не пить… молоко?

In infancy with milk we gain strength, health and all the most useful. But in the future someone refuses milk and dairy products, and someone include them in your daily diet.

Probably, there is no product on earth who caused such heated debate about its qualities. Supporters and opponents of years ready to discuss what more in the milk – harm or benefit.

In ancient times, when there was developed according to the present standards, medicine, milk has been considered one of the best medicines. They otpaivali during colds, tuberculosis and many other diseases.

Everybody knows from childhood, that the milk and its products is a unique storehouse of calcium. Man enough to four cups of this wonderful drink to make up for a daily dose of mineral in the body. In addition, phosphorus, present in milk, in conjunction with calcium makes strong and strong bones, but our nerves, daily suffering from stress.

But this is not all that can boast milk. It contains all the basic vitamin alphabet (A, b, D), and folic acid. All of these components are added to our body strength and health.

But, according to doctors, not every person milk is so useful. Let’s see, who should include this product in your daily diet, and who better beware.

First of all, milk should exclude those who suffer from allergies. Due to vitamin A, contained in this product, some people may feel all the «charms» of an allergic reaction: redness, itching and even asthma.

Inappropriate product of milk will be for those who have a probability of formation of phosphate kidney stones. Such a predisposition can speak in the presence of phosphate sediment in urine and health of your parents (the disease is primarily transmitted by genetic).

People suffering from deficiency of lactase, is also not recommended to drink milk. The reaction of your organism to drunk liquid will be a very exciting. Why do you need a revolution in the stomach… it Should be noted that such intolerance suffers 15% of the total population of the planet.

Another limitation for those wishing to eat milk is age. People who are over 55, doctors do not advise to include this fluid in your diet. And all because of myristic acid, it promotes the formation in our body density lipoprotein, and they, in turn, can lead to atherosclerosis. And the chance of getting this disease increases significantly exactly after 55 years.

Who then can drink milk?

A list of people who can milk, is very large. We only list those to whom it is necessary. Those who suffer from insomnia, cold, high blood pressure, heartburn, vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis – milk can make life easier. Even doctors recommend drinking this invigorating drink athletes to quickly build muscle mass.

According to experts, the safe dose of milk per day – 300 grams.

Milk and dairy products can make a lot of different delicious and healthy meals. We give as an example of one of them.

Milk pudding

For cooking jelly, you need to 1 liter of milk, 125 g of sugar, 3 tbsp. cornstarch, 0.5 glass of syrup (cherry or cranberry) and vanilla.

Method of preparation: bring milk to boil, add the sugar and stir until its complete dissolution. Then enter the starch dissolved in cold milk. Continue to cook for another five minutes. Already at the end of the dish, add the vanilla and mix again.

If you want your kissel took the form of jelly, should increase the dose of starch in the recipe. But to gel nicely removed from the molds, they should be for a couple of seconds, put it in boiling water. After you have shifted the dish on the plate, jelly can top-pour fruit or berry syrup.

Bon appetite!

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