Топ 10 вариантов разгрузочных днейТоп 10 вариантов разгрузочных дней
In summer time kebabs, gatherings in the nature or holidays, connected with the changes of climate, mode and power, fasting days are necessary. WANNA offers you to choose any of the ten best options.
Fruit fasting day

You will need to 1.5 kg of fresh fruit, any, except bananas. All fruits and divide it by 5-6 receptions and eat as the emergence of feelings of hunger.

Kefir discharge day
The most popular as it is easily tolerated and seen a noticeable effect. Besides kefir normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, strengthens the organism. During the day you need to drink 1.5 liters kefir. Our advice – for greater efficiency slightly heat it, as the cold product is not too useful.
Apple fasting day
Also a great option for anyone with a need to normalize the work of the bowel. Per day-can-eat 1.5 kg of raw apples. Advice for people with a sick stomach apples better to bake.
Cucumber fasting day
Excellent saturate the body with moisture and save you from dehydration. In the day you eat 1.5 kg of cucumbers that needs to be divided into 5-6 receptions. You can cut the cucumber and fill them with herbs. So fun and will get through the day mono.

Protein fasting day
During the day you can eat small portions (100g) of meat and fish products, but only low-fat. This version of the fasting day is good in its diversity, so as you can add to the diet of vegetable proteins such as beans. In addition, protein food combine with vegetables and greens. Therefore, alternate serving of meat or fish with vegetable salad with addition of fresh herbs. Intervals between meals should not exceed 4 hours.
Rice fasting day
Also one of the favorites. 150 gr unpolished rice, boil and divide into 3 portions. Slightly Pets подсолить rice, and even add a pinch of cinnamon, it also contributes to weight loss. Between meals portions can eat vegetables and fruit.

Cheese and egg fasting day
The Breakfast need to drink a Cup of black coffee without sugar and eat 100 gr. cheese. Lunch consists of a Cup of tea with sugar or without and two soft-boiled eggs. For dinner again tea and 200 gr. cheese. Dinner is desirable to 4 hours before bedtime.
Milky discharge day
By the way, the most popular day of fasting the French. Milk fat content should not be more than 2.5 %. 6 times a day, every 2 hours, drink 100 ml milk. At night you can drink 150-200 gr. fruit juice with sugar.
Кефирно-buckwheat fasting day
From the evening soak in boiling water to 250 gr. buckwheat porridge. Buy 1 litre of kefir 1 %fat content. Put the cereal into heat or wrap up warm clothes and leave overnight. Eat for the next day in small portions, preferably from 3 to 5 receptions. Drink kefir. Add cereal oil, salt, pepper and any other seasonings are not recommended.

Carrot, beet egg fasting day
During the day can eat not more than 300 g of carrots, 300 g of beets, and 2 eggs. Vegetables can be prepared to your liking. Don’t want to or can’t eat raw – bake, lightly boiled or grate and tuck in a little olive oil. Eat all the products preferably in 5 receptions.

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