Топ 5 рецептов приготовления летних смузиТоп 5 рецептов приготовления летних смузи
Light and gentle smoothies are the best option for the summer heat. Nutritious and healthy, they freshen up and cheer, raise the tone, and just improve mood.
English smoothie literally translated as homogeneous, smooth, soft, pleasant. As a rule, it is a dense drink that was mixed in a blender. Ingredients choose any berries, fruits, vegetables, mostly of the same species. The drink also add the juice or milk and ice pieces. Smoothies are often used in health programs nutrition, because of their texture is most suitable for the digestive system. Smoothies constant participant of many diets as useful and contains almost no calories.
WANNA offers you the recipes of the most actual for the summer season smoothies. Surprise and delight your family, loved ones and friends tender delicacy.
Melon smoothie
Melon great and has beneficial effects on bowel function, improves the digestive processes, and, very importantly, helps lose weight. So it’s time to prepare melon smoothie and Shine on the beach beautiful and slender figures.
the average melon,
water, juice, milk, ice optional
With slices of melon, cut the skin, cut into small pieces, put into a blender and beat well. Can add ice, water, juice or milk. Although melon is such a product which, in addition to water, better with nothing to combine. Before serving, you can decorate the glass with a sprig of mint.

Smoothies peaches
To this recipe smoothie we recommend you add honey to make the taste more unforgettable, and the drink itself a real pleasure for gourmets.
a few ripe peaches average,
honey at a rate of 1-1 .5 tsp. on each fruit

Peaches good wash, divided into halves, free from seeds. Put in a blender, add honey and carefully vzbit. When applying, you can garnish with fresh mint.

Smoothies with watermelon, mint and yogurt

This recipe smoothie also contains two additional ingredient. Yogurt will drink nutritious and mint give a refined, fresh, unusual and very delicious taste. Feelings after the first SIP – gorgeous.
2 cups pieces of watermelon, stoned,
1 tablespoon of liquid honey,
1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves,
1 glass of natural yogurt, plain,
a pinch of cinnamon

In a blender place the slices of watermelon, mint and honey. Mix the ingredients are first at small speed. Then add the yogurt, cinnamon and again mix. When applying, you can decorate the drink mint.
Smoothie made from greenery
Green smoothies are considered the most popular diets. They improve the metabolism and metabolism, helps to lose weight and transform skin and complexion.
I WANT to recommend you the recipe smoothies from the young leaves of a nettle. Juice nettle contains the nutrients to the functioning of the body. However, this recipe is full of interesting and useful ingredients-of surprises.
leaves young nettle,
a bunch of parsley,
1 banana,
1 Apple,
Peel, put in a blender, add the greens and a glass of water. Mix and immediately take until drink is not lost its useful properties.

Smoothie made from berries
Editor’s pick blueberries. It improves eyesight and nourishes the skin with antioxidants, making the skin more supple, soft and supple. Also in this recipe is present orange – a source of vitamin C. So there is no reason not to try such a useful and unique taste smoothies.
1 Cup fresh or frozen blueberries,
1 Cup orange slices,
1-2 cups of water, can be replaced by juice or natural yoghurt without additives
sugar to taste, but we recommend that you add a spoon of honey
Put the orange slices and berries in a blender, add water, juice or yogurt, sugar or honey. Beat thoroughly, pour into glasses. Before serving, you can garnish with fresh mint.

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