Какие напитки не спасут во время жары?

A wild sense of thirst, slight dizziness, weakness and palpitations are signs of dehydration. With the arrival of summer and together with him the heat of our body’s need for water is growing exponentially.

Each person has a particularly favorite drinks, which he uses in the hot season. But do all they can rebuild our shattered water balance, or maybe there are those who on the contrary – harmful to our body?

Start минирейтинг with drinks least it is desirable to use in the summer.


It is not recommended to drink due to high content of sugar, which is the sensation of thirst is not something that does not diminish, but increase in several times. According to several studies, a bottle of fizzy drink contains the daily norm of sugar (for the average person this figure should not exceed 50 g per day). Well and chemistry, which were recklessly use in the manufacture of pop, adds drink pluses.

All this, of course, does not concern lemonade, cooked at home.


Perhaps, there is no certainty that the worse it is alcohol or a huge amount of calories. Doctors say that the heat can not use more than two bottles of intoxicating nectar. If this norm is exceeded, the beer lovers can not escape the hangover. Well, as for calories, on the streets of our country can be continually enjoy the results of their use in the form of beer животиков. Beer our waistline is expanding, and to whom is it necessary?


It could not include in this list, since all the rules cooked kvass has a really great жаждоутоляющей ability. And all because it contains carbonic acid and amino acid. Note: in Russia believed that with the help of kvass you can get rid of the cholera Vibrio and typhoid Bacillus. And what do they say modern doctors? In their opinion, kvas is a great anti-depressant.

So many pluses in this drink! It would seem, it is possible to drink and drink. But… All of the above absolutely does not apply to bottled kvass, which sell now in stores. Modern industry has turned this healing drink in a surrogate, which actually reminds lemonade, which is written above, and differ only in color and taste.


In it, there is probably nothing wrong, except sugar. Only because of him, our body cannot plenty enough of life-giving moisture. Therefore, it is better to replace juices (by the way, doctors advise during the heat of the breed them with plain water).

That will save you from the heat?

The first is, of course, mineral water, but not carbonated. Another great жаждоустраняющим tool is hot tea. It is better if it will be green. Less effective in fighting in the heat of dairy products. Well quench their thirst juices. Suitable for these purposes, plum, currant, grapefruit, cherry or tomato juice.

Prepare lemonade at home

For a cooling drink we need: 6 lemons, кипяченная water – 8 glasses, sugar.

Of the six lemons should squeeze a glass of juice, then pour it into a two litre plastic tank. There also add 8 glasses of chilled boiled water and a Cup of sugar. Lemonade be interfered to its full dissolution. In the beverage, you can add a few slices of lemon.

Bon appetite!

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