В чем секрет приготовления осетинского пирога? Технологии, проверенные веками

Than in the consciousness of the average man is now known Ossetia? Unfortunately, it is considered in our country and abroad from the military point of view, as a place for which there was and is a war, as a disputed territory, as an important strategic Outpost and so on.

About the war in Ossetia during the Georgian invasion in August 2008, shot several films. South Ossetia became the reason for the break in diplomatic relations between Russia and Georgia. But Ossetia is not only war and geopolitical arguments through sight rifles and mortars. We forgotten the sounds of shots and information war on peaceful brands. And in the first row of them stands, of course, real Ossetian pie. Prescriptions of the dishes quite a lot in the Network, we discussed in this article will first of all about the technology of baking Ossetian pie.

Classic Ossetian cake is a cake in which there is a various stuffing. It is shaped round as the disk of the sun in the high Ossetian sky. A few decades ago, real Ossetian pies carried by trains from Vladikavkaz in the restaurants of Moscow and the major cities of the USSR, then even began to use airplanes. Oh, I can imagine what it was ароматнейший cargo aboard! All the homeless dogs tens of miles, probably wanted to learn how to fly when they flew a plane loaded with tons of this Ossetian pie.

Now, nobody on such expenses longer. Technologies are developing and cakes freshly prepared on site. Any умелица prescription can do it. However, there is a belief that while the mistress was not shall prepare, at least, 300 copies, it can’t become a good chef these Ossetian pies that have one small, but the main secret: more filling and smaller test. From the test полнеешь, and the filling gives a real pleasure from the present Ossetian pie. Filling and again filling! The more the better! In principle, if taken 500 g of the test must be not less than 600 g fillings, for which the use meat, cabbage, cheese, wild garlic, potatoes with cheese etc..

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