Что приготовить в жару? Пять спасительных легких рецептов

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to arrange fasting days. In the heat there is a natural need to drink more mineral water and eat more fruit and vegetables.

We want to lower the temperature of the environment and its sultry beautiful body icy drink or a meal. Here we should be careful. Since the summer so easy to catch a cold, exposing the sensitive body temperature changes, moving it from the street heat in the conditioned space.
Therefore, a meal or a drink from the fridge before use, doctors advise for five minutes, leave they are slightly warmed up.

During the summer жаростояния stomach good job of products with sour-sweet, astringent and bitter taste. Beautifully maintained in good shape and toxins berries of a cranberry, a gooseberry, a currant, raspberry, strawberry. Heat is the time to prepare vitamin and energy fruit and vegetable salads, and the heavy fried meat, fatty fish and bakery products leave for new year’s menu.

In summer it is important not to overeat, especially at night. In this period, do not damage the psyche, you can afford to get up from the table with a sense of light hunger. The number of meals is advisable to increase and the volume significantly decreased. It should limit consumption of coffee and black tea, fizzy drinks, not to mention alcohol. Let the head is clean and bright, protected from all sorts of degree shock. Simple bottled water with lemon – best universal elixir which should also ingest small SIPS and without haste.

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