Какое вино выбрать под шашлык? Шираз!

As soon as spring truly came into its own, suffered from everywhere specific smoke. People EN masse reached on skewers. Many of the citizens prefer to kebabs are vodka. However, the number of connoisseurs of pleasant pastime, not ordinary «pour a drink Yes», also increases.

Most fans of the shish this category is usually chosen to accompany beer that is relatively cheap, tasty and angry. But not for them this article. Real connoisseurs of delicious, aromatic, juicy and soft kebab prefer the meat and red wine.

Some wine seemed glued to certain products sticky tape. It is the same as macaroni and cheese. Such wines refers Shiraz. When I hear Shiraz the first thing that comes to mind timid spring warmth, fragrant smoke and merry company at the barbecue. If shorter, the Shiraz and shashlik not in vain begins with the same letter, they are inseparable from each other.

What Shiraz? Oh, that is quite wide, but only at first glance. Actually wealth of choice is somewhat limited. Shashlik – democratic food, equalisation of academician with the student and the General the прапором. Therefore no snobbery, if you are going to have fun, cannot be and speeches. So, and wine should be up to the refreshments – democratic, fun and affordable.

Such Shiraz fully in Australia. It there so much that many are between Australia and Shiraz equal sign. Five-seven years ago Australians literally poured its wine, United States, outbidding sales France. Americans are so afraid of, that so far from the single word Shiraz ready to run anywhere, just not remember Australian nightmare.

Well, we are not Americans, they let their BBQ facilities chew under different wine, and for our attacks on the nature paired with shashlik Shiraz from Australia.

Shiraz is quite old grape that is grown long before white people appeared in Australia. According to one version, the birthplace of Shiraz – the neighborhood of the same name of the locality in the now disgraced Persia. But genetic analysis argues the opposite. The origins of Shiraz in the South of France. For the first time in Australia Shiraz arrived in the 1830s and how many immigrants, let the strong roots. Today it’s the most popular grape variety on the continent.

However, God is with them, with roots. The main Australian Shiraz is ideal for a picnic. Left to choose a good brand so that you do not spoil the impression of the Australian wine industry.

Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Shiraz from South-Eastern Australia has absorbed all the best varietal characteristics. This is a great light red wine with plum, BlackBerry and spices to taste. What more do you need meat outdoors? Only the desire to get out on a picnic.

Not found Rosemount? And what can you say about Stump Jump? This is very similar wine, juicy, and red pepper. Not literally, of course, but their piquant taste for steaks, hamburgers and kebabs fits perfectly. These wines just need meat dishes, revealing a couple of them their most intimate dignity.

Stump Jump occurs from the valley, McLaren. If you compare it with Rosemount, the first more fragrant, more and more acidic, and also, to a degree stronger, 14,5% alcohol against 13.5%. Outwardly Rosemount slightly lighter. Both wines have a long aftertaste.

Pleasant rest!

P.S. by the Way, you know that means Stump Jump? Перескочи stump! When at the end of the XIX century in the valley of viticulture, it was impossible to drive on the earth, so it was stubs and snags. Name and stuck like Shiraz to the barbecue.

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