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Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a condition that involves chronic inflammation in all or part of the digestive tract. Often painful and debilitating, IBD can lead to life-threatening complications as well as increase the risk for colon cancer. More than 3 million people have IBD, according to a recent government survey. The two most common Read More →

When Nimisha Patil presses her tongue against the roof of her mouth and exhales just so, she sends the tip of her tongue rattling like a playing card in a bicycle spoke. This makes a sound that exists in no human language, except perhaps the nonverbal language of beatboxing.

Salmonella is a group of bacteria that commonly cause a foodborne illness called salmonellosis. Every year, about 1.2 million people are infected with Salmonella, with 23,000 individuals hospitalized due to the infection and 450 dying from it, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most people who get infected with Salmonella get Read More →

Some varieties of Duncan Hines instant cake mix are being recalled because they may contain a not-so-tasty ingredient: Salmonella. On Monday (Nov. 5), Conagra Brands, the maker of Duncan Hines products, said in a statement that a sample of Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix had tested positive for Salmonella bacteria. The company is also Read More →

People who experience generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) exhibit excessive concern about multiple events or activities most days of the week. While it is not unusual for people to experience some stress as they go about their daily lives, GAD sufferers rarely get a break from worrying.

Long life spans tend to run in families, a phenomenon that's often attributed to people's genes. But now, a large new study of data from the genealogy website Ancestry reveals that genetics may play less of a role in life span than previously thought.

People who experience a rare condition known as "broken-heart syndrome" need immediate medical attention, but often make a quick recovery. But the problem can be particularly deadly if these patients also develop a complication in which their heart can't pump enough blood to the body, a new study finds.

A college student-athlete in Kansas died suddenly from a rare bacterial infection after thinking her symptoms were due to tonsillitis, according to news reports. The 23-year-old, Samantha Scott, was a top coxswain on the rowing team at Kansas State University, according to a statement from the university. But about two weeks ago, she started to Read More →

Taking a tiny dose of "magic mushrooms" might boost creativity, according to a preliminary study. The researchers weren't able to use a control group in the study, which would have allowed them to determine whether the 'shrooms really caused the creativity burst or whether some other factor — like people's expectations about the drug — were Read More →

Concerns over whether cellphones can cause cancer have been around for years. Now, the issue is being raised yet again, as government researchers release the results of a major study that found evidence linking high levels of cellphone radiation exposure to certain types of cancer in rodents.