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The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system. It receives signals from the body's sensory organs and outputs information to the muscles. The human brain has the same basic structure as other mammal brains but is larger in relation to body size than any other brains.

After a 4-year-old boy in Portugal was diagnosed with HIV, the biggest question was how he got the infection. His mother, for example, didn't have it (women with HIV can pass the virus to babies). An investigation revealed a surprising source: leaky blisters on the boy's father's skin.

Disease outbreaks among humans are common. But outbreaks among humans from puppies? That's a scenario that's much rarer, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently explained how this odd outbreak persisted for three years, in a new report, published Sept. 21.

Famed Renaissance painter Caravaggio didn't die of syphilis, as some historians long thought. Instead, it appears that the talented Italian artist — who had a reputation for gambling, drinking, sleeping with prostitutes and even murder — died of a sword wound that developed a nasty infection, leading to deadly condition called sepsis, a new study Read More →

Each year, about 300,000 Americans have surgery to remove their appendix, but a new study suggests many of these people may not need to go under the knife. Instead, their condition could be safely treated with antibiotics, the researchers say. The study looked at data from more than 250 adults in Finland who had appendicitis, Read More →

The 2017 to 2018 flu season in the U.S. was the worst in at least four decades, with around 80,000 deaths and 900,000 hospitalizations, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those figures include a record-breaking number of deaths in children.

Junk-food lovers who try to cut back on fries or chocolate may experience symptoms similar to drug withdrawal, a new study suggests.   Researchers found that people attempting to cut down on eating highly processed foods experience some of the same physical and psychological symptoms — such as mood swings, cravings, anxiety, headaches and poor sleep Read More →

In March of this year, strange reports began to emerge: Synthetic pot was making people's eyes bleed. And what started out as a handful of people who were affected has grown to more than 250 people across the U.S., with cases continuing to pop up. Soon after the outbreak began, the culprit was identified as Read More →

You are never alone: With every step you take, a bubble of particles follows. Microbes, chemicals, fungi, microscopic animals and other little biological crumbs constantly move around us and form what's called an "exposome" — or everything we're exposed to in the moment.

A swollen finger is often the symptom of a simple sprain, but for one woman in California, a puffy pinkie was a rare sign of tuberculosis, according to a new report of the case. The 42-year-old woman went to the doctor after a week of swelling and pain in her pinkie finger. However, she hadn't Read More →