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From the emotional exhaustion or, to speak scientifically, burnout no one is immune. The more you are laid out and try to succeed, the higher the chances of burn out emotionally. This happens even with avid fans of their craft and experienced professionals. Check the list of symptoms of burnout and test yourself. If the same most of the items, you should think whether work is so devastating to your health or destructive your approach to it.

  • Cognitive difficulties

    Studies show that stress affects the prefrontal cortex – the part responsible for Executive function. It affects the storage efficiency, the ability to make decisions, emotional control and concentration. If you notice that started making stupid mistakes, forgetting important things, making bad decisions and stupid, you are experiencing emotional burnout.

  • Health problems

    Emotional burnout strikes at the physical and mental health. Back pain, depression, heart disease, obesity, dizziness – any deviation from a healthy norm can be directly related to the work.

  • Difficulties in relationships with others

    Stress affects every area of life, especially in relationships with other people. Perhaps at work you could hold back and control his own negative emotions. To pay your family members. Stress forces a person to complain, to shout, to get involved in pointless conflicts with innocent loved ones. In other cases, the person, on the contrary, stops anyone to notice, it becomes dark, silent, seeks solitude and avoids any contact and conversations.

  • The loss of motivation

    The beginning works like a honeymoon: everything is seen in shades of pink. At this time, the motivation comes naturally. At the stage of burnout search motivation becomes a tedious and pointless struggle. You can even cope with the work and do well but still the motivation was not. If before the work was done out of love for the process itself and the need to Express yourself, now everything is done because of the reluctance to disrupt the timing, letting people down, or fear of dismissal.

  • Fatigue

    Stress squeezes out the body and mind all the juices, so they remain deprived of energy. Should raise the alarm, if the hours of good sleep refreshes and gives strength; if the weakness and fatigue piled not busy after a long day, first thing in the morning; if you have to drink a lot of caffeine to perk me up; and if overcome by the desire to sleep.

  • Work after work

    The end of the day should ideally mean not only the end but also the end thinking about it. If before going to sleep, lying in bed, you still think of working problems, it is an alarming signal. It means that your mind is so stuck in the stress mode, no longer able to switch.

  • Slow performance

    Emotional burnout people often have high performance, so when performance begins to fall, others don’t always notice. It is very important to track your own performance. How did you cope with the same workload a month ago? Six months ago? A year ago? If you’ve shown the best results, it indicates burnout.

  • Reduction of satisfaction

    A sense of dissatisfaction and work increases with emotional burnout. People and projects that you happy and inspired, no longer worried. It is very difficult to work, because it seems that much effort or invest, you still get nothing.

  • Weak self-control

    Emotional burnout weakens the control over their own emotions and actions, making you an easy target for the temptations of a different sort. You begin to afford something before easily refrained. We are talking about destroying the body and mind habits, be it overeating, alcoholism or gambling. This is due to low level of satisfaction, lack of motivation and losing part of the brain responsible for Executive function.

  • Negative thinking

    Emotional burnout is turning into whiners and pessimists even the most positive people. If you notice that began to focus only on the shortcomings of people or events, have become cynical, constantly complain, and condemn, with this need to do something.

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The first official patent for the bra was obtained exactly one hundred years ago. The author of this remarkable invention was the woman progressive American Mary Phelps Jacobs. It happened in 1914. Preparing for another event, she went to the trick and made of two elastic bands an alternative to the usual corset, which was destined to become the first bra in history. But the history of this remarkable piece of women’s clothing does not begin with this event. Clothes for the female breast exists since ancient times and has always performed not only aesthetic functions, but also practical. Breast support has always been a problem for women at all times. Our material is dedicated to the cultural traces of bras in the history of the world.

  • Egyptian freedom

    How many would not say that the first bras were invented in Ancient Egypt, research suggests that on the banks of the Nile, did not know such a garment. Women of the people preferred to go Topless, and the noble ladies hid the charms under a large tunics and chitons.

  • Minoan goddess

    During the bronze age, the Minoan culture on the island of Crete had a lot of characters associated with the female breast as a symbol of fertility. Figurines of the mother goddess usually had an open chest and an earth woman she imitated. Historians say that Cretan women used for tying the Breasts from below, but did not cover it completely.

  • Antique chest

    Considered to be the culture of Ancient Greece reference, in many ways, but that there just was not, so it’s push-up bras. Noble women wore tunics spacious, not constraining qualities. Only a few women soldiers bandaged chest tight with ribbons. The legend about women-the Amazons tells of such an unpleasant procedure, burning the right breast, in order to make it more convenient to shoot a bow.

  • Underwear Roman Empire

    It is known that athletes in Ancient Rome were bandaged chest tight bands in order to avoid interference when performing exercises or riding on a horse.

  • Chinese tune

    Chinese fashion was very conservative, also had a clear bias to suppress all feminine. Chinese women are carefully concealed Breasts under the broad linen tapes, called “Dudu”. They became the prototypes of corsets, as he pulled not only the chest but also the belly.

  • Medieval busts

    In the middle ages was not clearly formed attitudes to women’s Breasts, but slender ladies of high society had a clear tendency to its absence, which ultimately resulted in the fashion for the slender boyish form. Big Breasts and wide bird become a sign of protruding, and the rest had to tighten the excess into tight corsets, which by that time had become daily female garment.

  • Corsets in Western Europe

    The fashion for boyish silhouettes demanded new and new corsets. Interestingly, women’s corsets became a good business for the whalers, as the best corsets out on a frame of whalebone. Female-hourglass has become a symbol of beauty for many centuries, and echoes of this fashion can be heard to this day.

  • The great liberation of the breast

    The French revolution, among other freedoms, and brought emancipation for women. The revolutionaries wanted including a new fashion, free from prejudices of the past. Women no longer hiding the chest by corsets and started to wear a deep neckline. At the same time, women from the lower classes began to bandage the chest with tape for convenience, and in order to wear the male dress, which at that time came the fashion.

  • Victorian pressure

    The Puritan tradition of the 19th century never really complained freedoms of women. Very nervous persons treated in mental health facilities, and freedom of the chest could not be considered. The code of conduct prescribes women to wear tight underwear both day and night, and the neckline could be considered.

  • Feminism and mammary glands

    During the reign of king Edward began the movement of women for their rights, among which recently took the right to wear comfortable clothes. As the argument provided strong arguments about the harmfulness of corsets and deformation of internal organs, which they did. So, at the end of the 19th century there was an explosion of inventions of new types of women’s underwear that did not harm and was much more convenient to just what was up with the human mind before.

  • Bra Jacobs

    The epochal invention of Mary Phelps Jacobs had happened in 1914 and became the embodiment of millennial aspirations and expectations of women around the world. His invention she called “bessmennyy corset”, and made it out of two handkerchiefs and elastic straps. The idea came to the girl in that moment, when she tried on a dress with an open back, going to another social event.

  • War and bust

    By the beginning of world war II, light industry already has mastered many models of bras, but the garment remained a very niche product. The coup was the official adoption of the bras as uniforms for female soldiers that helped raise the morale among the military.

  • Post-war success

    After the war there was a real explosion of interest in the intimate piece of clothing. The development of new models took hundreds of designers, and the company offered a wide variety of styles — from maternity bras to the first models on bones or terrible bras on a wire frame.

  • Future

    Despite the fact that fashion historians repeatedly predicted the death of this garment, the interest in the bras did not going to subside. Just look at lookbooks with the latest collections of Victoria’s Secret, to understand that the bra is very much alive.

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The Italian government is in this way decided to save monuments from destruction. The locks, which formerly housed convents, schools and other institutions, will get absolutely free themes who are able to provide in their repair or restoration.
They can, for example, to arrange a hotel or cafe and thus also increase the attractiveness of the area for tourists. That is the purpose of the state, running the program on the distribution of castles in the regions that are not yet so popular among traveling through Italy. According to the representative of the Agency state property, Roberto Reggio, the idea is that private and administrative buildings that are no longer used, turned into centers of attraction for pilgrims, hikers, travelers, cyclists. The project will promote and support the development of “slow tourism”.
The potential owner of the lock does not need to go through complicated bureaucratic procedures. Authorities are waiting for a plan of territorial development, after which will be formalized ownership for 9 years with possibility of extension. There is an option of the lease for 50 years. Read More →

Photographer and pilot of the Santiago Borja Lopez makes incredible images of lightning and storms right from the cockpit of a passenger “Boeing”. What on earth just rain, the sky looks impressive force of nature.

In an interview with the Washington Post Borja said that to remove thunderstorms from the cockpit task really complex. Lightning hit instantly, the tripod is not in sight, and the devices give unnecessary light.

Lopez maintains his own website where he’s most impressive shots. On instagram-pilot signed more than 20 thousand followers. Read More →

Each figure has its own specifics. While most people are trying to hide the extra pounds, the holders of scrawny physique rather try to gain weight and build muscle to look more impressive. But regular exercise – the process is long and grueling, and with the help of properly selected clothing can make a quick effect. Here are a few tips to help skinny men look more masculine.

  • Refrain from baggy clothes

    Many people try to hide their thinness by using a wide stuff. But the shapeless robes only emphasize the flaws and even more visually stretched silhouette. So main rule for slim men, clothing, tight fit. From the other extreme – too tight of things – should also be abandoned. Ideal – custom tailoring in the Studio.

  • Wear jackets

    You know that only one garment will make you more attractive? A classic blazer can do wonders, because it was invented in order to flatter the male figure. The fitted jackets made of thick fabric, make the shoulders visually wider and create a clear line silhouette. Tall men should choose extra long model with side vents and wide lapels – so the figure would appear to be more “dense”.

  • Layering adds volume

    Every thing you put on the figure adds a bit of volume and width. This does not mean you have to put on four thick sweaters. To make three layers. T-shirt, shirt and a blazer, vest or cardigan – this combination created specifically for you. Properly selected color and pattern (e.g., horizontal bar) visually ruchirat case.

  • Choose the right material

    Choosing the right fabric is another way to make the silhouette visually more voluminous. A little rough to the touch fabrics such as tweed, flannel, denim or corduroy will create the illusion of a massive figure. For cold weather ideal knitted sweater thick wool cardigans with large viscous.

  • High collar hide a skinny neck

    Aristotle in his writings on physiognomy wrote about the strong neck as a sign of courage and strength. So the long and thin neck is better visually “shorten” by selecting shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters with a high collar.

  • Prefer light clothing

    In hot weather, possibilities to adjust the figure using the clothes less. In such a situation can help color. Lighter shades – white, beige, etc. –visually make the figure larger. Besides, on the bright things are better seen shadows, delineating the topography of the muscles. So even if you have no venusienne biceps, light clothing will make your muscles more visible.

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Push-UPS look deceptively easy. Everyone knows how to do them in theory. But in practice it turns out that almost everyone commits some serious mistakes, which may not only negate all the efforts, but also lead to serious injury. That’s exactly how not to do pushups.

  • The position of the shoulders

    Many people unknowingly attract the shoulders to the ears, causing extra load in the area of the triceps. Poor posture and underdeveloped chest muscles — the main reasons of this error. Just try mentally to control their position in space will be easier.

  • Hand

    No need to put hands at shoulder level. The starting position means the arrangement of brushes in the same plane as the head. And don’t try to keep the palm close to the body: ideally, they should be wider than shoulders.

  • Problems with the wrist

    Incorrect formulation of the hands may cause wrist injury. Pay attention to the feeling in this part of the body: the slightest discomfort will tell you what you don’t.

  • Hip

    Many are too concentrated on the shoulders and chest, forgetting about the control of the torso in General. Sagging of the hips or too high position of the pelvis leads to an incorrect load distribution on the body.

  • Head

    Tired chest muscles, underdeveloped biceps and triceps lead to the fact that the man begins to lower his head during exercise. Remember: if push-UPS in the lowest point of the floor for your chest and not your nose. Imagine that your body forms a clean line from the heels to the head.

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Descendants of famous people are forced to live with a burden. For someone with a big name — an eternal sentence, well, and some even proud of the relationship. You probably ever wondered how these people live?

  • Edda Goering

    Father: Hermann Goering Little Ed was baptized at the time, Adolf Hitler himself, and she left without a father only seven years. In his memoirs, the Edda often mentioned both, that looked pretty strange compared to all other descendants of Nazi war criminals, trying to disown them by any means. In the early nineties, ed moved to South America — according to many conspiracy theorists, his father miraculously survived and escaped from enemies to Hitler.

  • Brigitte Hess

    Father: Rudolf Hess The commandant of the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was brought to the place of work, my wife and little daughter. Brigitte grew up in beautiful, long worked as a Spanish model, while others do not know the history of her family. The girl dropped everything and went to live in the USA, never many people.

  • Chris Evans

    Grandfather: Joseph Stalin Svetlana Alliluyeva moved to the United States in 1967, changed her name to Lana Peters and had children here. Youngest, Olga, grew up and suddenly became Chris Evans — have seen her only grandfather.

  • Oona Chaplin

    Grandfather: Charlie Chaplin Career beauty moon in the beginning of the heyday. You may recognize her from her role in “Game of thrones”, but hardly realized that the screen gets naked granddaughter of the great Comedy actor of all time.

  • Nicoletta Romanova Console

    Paperprepared: the Russian Emperor Nicholas I The Romanov family still exists. Moreover, one of the direct descendants of the sovereigns of the Russian Empire even in the movie: Nicoletta starred in the 2003 film “Remember me, my love.” She is now working on a collection of jewels “Romanov”.

  • Diane Widmaier Picasso

    Grandfather: Pablo Picasso The great artist was a great Walker on the women’s side and what his heirs is not known. Diana has dedicated his life to finding all of the famous ancestor.

  • Ilaria Stieler-Timor

    Great-Grandfather: Leo Tolstoy The eldest daughter of Leo Tolstoy dreamed of the stage, but the family gave the girl married an Italian count Leonardo Albertini. Ilaria belongs to this branch of the descendants of the famous writer.

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In trying to present your product in a favorable light marketers do not skimp on the epithets, and something that can do delicately to conceal from the consumer. The only true way to look behind the screen of this well-known advertising granted is personal experience or the experience of someone the buyer trusts. Trendymen the editors took the liberty to propose his candidacy as a proxy for everyone who would like to know the truth about how modern means of sweat is a new generation Dry Dry Classic lives up to its title. That’s what happened.
From only one product description it is seen that Dry Dry Classic carefully separates your vehicle from customary deodorants and sprays. As it turned out, the reason is not excessive pride, but in a quite objective properties and production technology of modern means of sweat, nothing to do with the mass market do not have. Patented technology ensures that the Swedish means of amazing properties and resistance even to the highest sweating. It is emphasized that one application is enough for up to 7 days! It is obvious that the ordinary citizen is not what, but the fact that such resistance is already inspires respect and trust.
By the way, about trust. Dry Dry Classic can be found in the assortment of pharmacy chains, which indicates rather therapeutic than masking properties of the product.
Unusual or even more unusual it seemed to us the method of application tools, which the manufacturer recommends the use of immediately after evening shower before bed. Supposedly, per night Dry Dry Classic will begin to interact with the cells of the epidermis, preparing them for the most intensive work during the next active hours.
According to our calculations, which coincide with the manufacturer, one 35-ml bottle should be enough for six months of regular (several times a week) use.
Expecting to feel some discomfort, we were pleasantly surprised with absolute stealth Classic Dry Dry immediately after soaking and drying on the skin — like tool and do not apply, but nevertheless left behind a light pleasant and it is a universal scent of freshness. With this feeling we had the pleasure to be in all subsequent time, up to gym, sauna and shower in the evening of the next day.
Pleasantly pleased with the diversity of the line means Dry Dry Classic, where in addition to the usual roller form factor of the packaging has debomatic (drawing after pressing) and napkins. In all the products complied with an optimal concentration of active substances that block the sweat and not cause allergies.
By the way, Dry Dry Classic is a truly versatile tool. It not only completely eliminates the possibility of sweating in the armpits, but also can be used to ensure the dryness and freshness of the palms, feet and other problem areas. So, if before in a sports bag foot spray took the obligatory place beside the deodorant and talcum powder, but now with their function copes one miniature bottle Dry Dry Classic! Read More →

Research scientists of the Royal society of health showed undoubted dangers of social networks to the human psyche. In addition, psychologists have managed to install and most dangerous from this point of view a social network.
Participation in the survey of three thousand people under the age of 27 summer. Estimated YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.
According to the results Instagram and Snapchat can cause anxiety and even panic. If you spend at monitoring newsfile too much time, it is likely the development of serious depression. Read More →

In our days it is almost impossible to do without a mobile phone. A simple push button device or the ultra – modern mobile- one chooses the right product based on their needs and financial capabilities. But there are phones that are not available to everyone and represent more of a luxury item, not a means of communication. From our selection you know how much are the most expensive phones in the world.

  • Diamond Crypto Smartphone
    $ 1.3 million

    The design of the phone assembled by a Russian company Ancort, was engaged in the Austrian Peter Aloisson. However, the distinguishing feature of the device is not platinum case decorated with 50 diamonds, including rare blue and high security, are possible thanks to modern encryption technology. The cost is only 1.3 million.

  • GoldVish Le Million
    $ 1.45 million

    The original creation of Swiss jeweler Emmanuel Guita smartphone GoldVish Le Million – was the most expensive phone in the world in 2006. Gold case, diamonds and a back panel of alligator leather and the intricate shape of a boomerang. Quite modest for our times. A little over a million dollars and it’s yours.

  • iPhone 3G Kings Button
    $ 2.5 million

    Crown of creation by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson that specializiruetsya on the design of high-end phones since 1998, was the model of the iPhone 3G Kings Button. Phone different truly Royal luxury – the case of white, rose and yellow gold, set with 138 precious stones, on the control button luxurious diamond 6 carats. Besides inexpensive – only 2.4 million.

  • Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme
    $ 3.2 million

    In the distant 2012 this phone is worth 3.2 million dollars was the most expensive in the world. Today, inferior to the more pretentious models. And who are surprised by the body of 22-carat gold, decorated with 136 diamonds, and diamond carat 7б1 in the main button?

  • iPhone 4 Diamond Rose
    $ 8 million

    In third place over the Apple product – iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, which immediately after its appearance on the market was in the Guinness Book of records. This was facilitated by 500 diamonds of ideal-cut, inlaid logo and a pink diamond weighing 7.4 carats in the Home button. If someone is not enough – there is an opportunity to replace a stone in 8 carat. The owner of the phone, of course, can not do without special accessories. Cover of pink granite, trimmed inside the nubuck, weighs 7 kg and is included in the cost of mobile – 8 million dollars. Released only two instances.

  • iPhone 5 Black Diamond
    $ 15 million

    Rear panel of gold, and a protective glass of sapphire glass, the casing is decorated with 600 diamonds, the Apple logo of 53 gems and home button with black diamond weighing 26 carats and cost $ 12 million – if you put it all together, you get a smartphone iPhone 5 Black Diamond is the most expensive phone in 2016. Now it costs about 15.3 million dollars and cheaper compared to newer models. But can not buy it – this phone was created by jeweler Stuart Hughes in a single instance, especially for a Chinese businessman.

  • Falcon Supernova iPhone 6
    $ 45.5 million

    Brand Falcon manufactures luxury mobile phones that can only afford one. It is not surprising that at the moment their phone Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 is the most expensive in the world. Its price depends on the model and can range from 45 to 95 million dollars. What the owner gets for the money? Memory 128 GB, platinum, 18K rose or yellow gold, as well as the bar, featuring a rare pink diamond. If desired, you can save phone with a blue diamond will cost two times cheaper. You can also buy special accessories such as, headphones luxury, made of gold or platinum, just 300 thousand dollars. Manufacturers advise not to think about the high price, and just buy the phone.

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