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The national flag is not just a logo, but a whole ideology. From the time when, under the banner of the army went into battle, much has changed, however, the representative function of the flag remained the same. The banners of States in a minimalist form, talk about the history and ideology of the country you represent. Often, many are not even aware of the meaning inherent in the flags. These ten examples reveal a secret message hidden in them.

  • China

    The red flag of China represents the Communist revolution. As for gold stars, large is a unified system of communism, while the four smaller ones of various social classes.

  • Botswana

    This flag has a black centre, two stripes are white and light blue stripes top and bottom. Black and white color associated with harmony, and the blue color shows the country’s dependence on water.

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    The flag of the UAE was created in 1971, the White color on it represents peace and honesty, black is designed to intimidate enemies, red is a symbol of courage and bravery, and the green represents hope and optimism.

  • Brazil

    All 27 stars on the Brazilian flag represent the States of the country and located in the same pattern as the stars in the night sky. The green colour represents forests, and yellow diamond pattern represents the gold reserves of the country.

  • India

    The colors of the Indian flag represent the religious diversity of India. Orange is associated with courage and is considered an important color for Hindus and Buddhists. White symbolizes purity, and green — faith and fertility. The circle in the centre is an ancient symbol of Ashok Chakra, also called the wheel of the Law.

  • Lebanon

    The Lebanese flag has two red strips at the top and the bottom, which symbolize the blood shed in the struggle for liberation. White color stands for peace and mountain snow, and the green cedar means immortality.

  • North Korea

    Red and star flag on the North Korean talk about the ideology of the state. White stripes on it represent purity, and the blue strips are a symbol of peace.

  • Australia

    When the flag of Australia was created in 1901, the Union Jack was added to show that the country was part of the British Empire. Blue background is a common theme of the flags of the colonial peoples. Seven pointed star represent the six States of Australia.

  • South Africa

    After the establishment of democracy in 1994, the decision was made to create a new flag that represents the diversity and unity of the country. The flag is a hybrid of the Union Jack with the colors of the African national Congress (yellow, green and black).

  • UK

    Union flag, also known as the Union Jack, is a hybrid of three flags — the cross of St. George of England, cross of St Andrew of Scotland and the cross of St. Patrick of Ireland.

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Modern society is only now beginning to accept the relationship between an older woman and a young guy. We are not talking about Alfonso, here plays a role very different: people are starting to understand and appreciate experienced, intelligent and accomplished women. In fact, to try such a relationship is every.

  • They know a lot about beauty

    Style comes with age. Naturally, to compete with the gentle firmness of the young body older women can’t, but they do not need it. They know what to do to look good.

  • Topics for conversation

    More likely, an older woman will be an excellent source. Knowledgeable, smart, understanding, about what it all about. Relations must be based on something more than just sex.

  • This experience

    At least from those relationships you will make a lot. In the future you will be able much easier and easier to communicate with girls, because just learn to understand them better.

  • She is confident

    Young girls are rarely genuinely self-confident. Growing up, the woman starts to feel better self — and in the company of a confident man to live much more interesting.

  • Emotional stability

    Emotions in adolescence overflowing. From hysteria before the explosion, universal love — let’s face it, in the long run, it is somewhat tiring. But in each new relationship the woman gets a lesson and learns it, becoming, in the end, perfectly balanced personality.

  • Intimate life

    According to medical reports, men are experiencing the peak of their sexual activity in 18-20 years. Women only come to the top at 35-40. This is common biology, and this means that the time spent in bed with a woman you’ll remember for a long time really.

  • Don’t play

    One of the best advantages of a relationship with an older woman — a complete lack of stupid games, it is peculiar to young persons. Im just tired of this hectic fun, and why, if they know what they want from a partner and from life.

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Despite the fact that it is difficult to imagine a more usual thing than kiss in most human cultures, facts about the process so far documented, trying to learn something new about one of the most enjoyable and seems to be the most useless classes. But is it so useless? At least kiss is one of the most memorable things in human life. According to statistics, people remember 90% of the parts of the first romantic kiss.

  • Immunity

    Netherlands Association of applied scientific research proved that 10-second kiss transfers from you to your partner to 80 million of various bacteria. This does not mean that you need to disinfect. This means that these microorganisms induces immunity to a larger number of diseases.

  • The health of the oral cavity

    Teeth do benefit from the abundance of kisses in your life. All because in the process produced much more saliva than usual. And saliva normalizes the acidity in the mouth, why falls the chance to earn tooth decay.

  • Nutrients for the brain

    Oxytocin and dopamine, which are abundantly produced in the process of kissing someone that is definitely worth to deal with them. But there are pitfalls – these substances cause you to become attached to the person you’re kissing.

  • More life

    A group of German doctors and psychologists, headed by Dr. Arthur Szabo found that men who every day kiss their girlfriends or wives, living on average five years longer than those who don’t. Strange, but in this study there was not a word about the women who also kiss their men. But, probably, they also benefit from the fact that their partners are less likely to get sick and later die.

  • Cholesterol and pressure

    These two unpleasant things to be able to decline only one kiss. This process expands blood vessels and reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Enough to promote diet and fitness, it’s time to start kissing promotion within the company a healthy lifestyle.

  • The way you kiss

    It’s a strange fact – but your idea of a kiss was formed before you were born. In particular, you may not consciously make the decision where to tilt your head while kissing to the right or left, the decision was made for you at the genetic level. It is formed on the ninth month of pregnancy, and in the next 6 months of a baby’s life is developing. By the way, two thirds of the pairs, tip the head to the right.

  • Kissing muscle

    During the kiss burned 26 calories per minute and because it uses 30 facial and 112 postural muscles. This exciting activity also helps to smooth out wrinkles in the neck and increase blood circulation at the skin that people called “glow”. That is, when you say “Yes you’re glowing”, remember, not kissed prior to this.

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To live with someone is a difficult feat. Practically, this is the marriage and do not be fooled by the fact that you haven’t painted. High expectations, banal immaturity, disregard for the finances — and here is another boat of love is wrecked even in shallow water. Do not repeat these mistakes and will float much longer.

  • Do you need it?

    The first question you have to ask yourself. Be confident in the decision. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons. Why did you come? What you want to achieve, what to come? And most importantly — is it worth spend time on it? Try to be honest. At least with yourself.

  • Clean and tidy

    You probably don’t want to turn the girl into a maid, right? To maintain order should both partners, it is reasonable. Most efficient is to divide responsibilities right away — someone who hates to wash dishes, another allergic to dust, — logic.

  • Basic rules

    Install basic rules of living together. It seems trivial and useless? Believe me, later, this simple step will save both of you from the mass of disappointments.

  • Time partner

    Started living together often turns into a test. It seems that you spend most of your time in the company partner — in the end, the bed-then you have one. Theoretically all is true, but in practice this approach will probably cost relations. You started to meet to have fun — continue in the same spirit. Go on dates, invent joint activities and not be selfish.

  • Friends

    The first few months of your new home should be a meeting place of friends in common. Take the time to get a feel really — what it’s like to live with someone before you confuse the situation with new people.

  • The devil is in the details

    Be honest. The first couple of months, her habit of forgetting the wet towel on the bathroom floor may seem cute, then start to drive you crazy. Discuss habits that annoy you — compromise is always possible, but normal conversation is enough to prevent a serious quarrel.

  • Independence

    It is important to maintain independence. You — full personality: love and common home must not become the incubator for the cultivation of moral hybrid of two different people. Care the girl should not give up on fulfillment.

  • The money issue

    To meet and live together — two big differences. Cohabitation requires substantial expenses, often unplanned. To think about money materialistic? Return to the real world: do not think about the money — stupid. Agree on the division of costs on the Bank, take care of your nerves.

  • Learn to forgive

    You both have to make a lot of mistakes. Misunderstandings will turn into a snowball that will cause an avalanche of discontent — if not learn to forgive your partner in advance. In the end, no one is immune from mistakes and failures, so do not demand the impossible from it.

  • She’s not a Princess

    A serious relationship often ends at the stage of marriage. Spent several months with the Princess in the sweet aroma of tales? Wake up, Neo: here we have Princess snore and from time to time erect bodypositive in the cult. Choose who you be — single or realist.

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In fact, the eternal nagging about the bad weather, the winter depression and fatigue with the onset of November is not just a whim. The sun is the source most important for our body vitamin D lacking the real symptoms. In the winter if you are not feeling well and go to the doctor, with great probability he will prescribe you vitamin D, since the level of this substance decreases sharply when the lack of sun. So the value of the home in the middle of winter on the Sunny coast is not at all exaggerated, and the ability to output to sunbathe even in the nearby Park is able to provide a truly healing effect on your body. So what happens to the body without the sun, specifically?

  • Depression

    Perhaps, it is not necessary to prove that depression is a kind of “sad”, but a real disease that should be treated medically. So, if you don’t see the sun, this disease is quite able to evolve, even if your life on the whole good. Vitamin D is responsible for activating certain genes in the body that regulate the neurotransmitters. These things act on the brain functions a certain way and stimulate brain activity. Any failure in their work can cause serious changes in the emotional background. Add to this the lack of sleep, which also reduces the amount of vitamin D, and now a full-fledged depression on the horizon.

  • Digestive problems

    Irritable bowel syndrome – is a popular digestive upset, which is found everywhere. What is the relationship with the sun? Yes, the most direct. The more you spend time in the sun, the less you will have the risk to suffer from this syndrome because vitamin D is actually able to cure him. And if you thought the sun is not able to heal, he was mistaken. Here is a real example – without drugs and doctor visits.

  • Disease

    If you feel sick, and this happens with surprising regularity, check when the last time you enjoyed a Sunny day on a green lawn. Low levels of vitamin D can cause the symptoms of a cold or a migraine regardless of the precautions that you take. And plenty of sun in your life is able to prevent even such serious diseases as diabetes, asthma, hypertension.

  • Problems with bones and muscles

    In addition to vulnerability to bacteria and viruses, without the sun, you become vulnerable to problems with muscles, bones and even hair. The development of wanton pain and fatigue syndrome can negate your winter training and just cause of decline. The lack of sun can cause of fibromyalgia.

  • The decrease in intellectual abilities

    Sounds not very plausible that not getting enough sun, you can lose some intellectual abilities, but in fact it is. Chronic vitamin D deficiency primarily affects what part of the brain, causing it to “slow down” and resist work. Cognitive deficits do not occur immediately with the onset of the cloudy season, but can occur in people who do not like to leave the house even for sunbathing. In short, without vitamin D, you’ll feel like you just woke up and haven’t had coffee.

  • Chronic fatigue

    And prolonged rest will not help, unless it is not in the sunshine on the outdoor deck. Even a slight lack of vitamin D can cause a sharp drop in energy level. Experiments with placebos have shown that gives energy boost for the only real intake of vitamin D with a shortage of Sunny days. The proof lies on the surface – in the summer you feel hearty, winter just does not want to live. All about vitamin D.

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By the beginning of 1920-ies of the millions of street children have become a real problem of the young Soviet state. Two years later the First world war, the Russian revolution and civil war led to the deaths of an estimated 16 million people. People lost their family forever. By the time the Bolsheviks had to take care of 7 million homeless. Before you archive of photos of those times to look at it pretty hard.

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Ever since man invented clothes, he constantly needed to cover the face too. The reasons for this each time was different, from functional and useful to mocking and even funny. Nowadays, some of these masks are impossible to see without the unpleasant sense of fear, due to their purpose, and sometimes just appearance. We found 10 of the most terrible things that man ever put on my face, and told in detail what made him do it.

  • Mask samurai

    The so-called “of menpo” or simply a mask to protect a samurai was to protect his face just before impact. Besides its main function, and she played even and supportive role for a fairly heavy helmet warrior.

  • Mask tank of the First world war

    For the first time this mask was used by the British army at the battle of Cambrai in 1917. Its task was to protect the face of the tanker, in which through a breach in the armor of flying shrapnel and shards of ricochetti.

  • Mask of murmillo

    One of the most heavily armed gladiators in Ancient Rome was murmillo, who had in their 15-pound gear and even a massive helmet. Its distinctive feature was a large slit for the eyes, protected by large mesh, which is not allowed to inflict a mortal wound with a Trident or a sword.

  • The mask of the plague doctor

    This mask, along with other not less terrible outfit doctor during the plague was developed in Paris in 1619. A long beak serve as a repository for fragrant herbs and flowers, as people believed that the disease spreads through the unpleasant odors of decaying flesh, everywhere vitusia in the air.

  • A bridle for the witches

    One of the forms of public punishment for women in England and Scotland XVI-XVII centuries was wearing a similar mask with a grip for the language. A “volume control” is intended for persons Kabalistic noisy and sometimes even suspected of witchcraft, but apparently not enough to immediately send them to the stake.

  • Bag-hood

    This method of concealing the face was used in one of the most famous prison in Australia, operated in Melbourne from 1842 to 1929. The most dangerous criminals are kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, and the hour walks in the yard were removed in the caps of coarse cloth, which prevented them to communicate with each other.

  • The mask for the dirt eaters

    There is dirt, to make the time to lose efficiency or even to commit suicide for slaves from Africa was a common practice. Losing the same money the owners have not invented anything better than to give the rebels the masks that prevented those handfuls are ground.

  • Gas Mask Mickey Mouse

    Fearing a massive gas attacks after pearl Harbor, the American military suddenly found out that the masks for adults children very high. When you create a scaled-down version of protection with the permission of Disney was the image of the iconic image of the cartoon character Mickey mouse. The only batch of 1,000 samples, each of which was to make a game element in the process of protection, now disassembled on collections as one of the most horrible interpretations of a mouse.

  • Mask for Halloween early XX century

    Before rubber and plastic permanently capture the market, in preparation for Halloween, all people did not go to specialized departments in the supermarket, and made costumes with masks on their own. Some of these creations come from the 1900s are truly frightening, especially given the careful sketches these days.

  • Masks

    These fully black masks, in which, moreover, was very difficult to talk to women of the XVI century wore completely voluntary. The objective of these “masks” were protecting white skin from sunlight, which gave her plebeian tan.

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Beauty is not eternal, and this is especially obvious when you review the photos of Hollywood and Soviet beauties, comparing them with current images. Someone able to age with dignity, and many do not admit that their main wealth very quickly destroys the old age. In the end, you can’t beat nature, and age becomes visible and those and others. Only the grimaces of old age, the worse, the more to interfere with them. It is the experience of aging these beauties.

  • Audrey Hepburn

    This actress, no one is old because we knew her young. Nevertheless, the film black-and-white Hollywood had become old actress before she killed the cancer. Somehow terribly sad to see her like this.

  • Ornella Muti

    Longtime companion Adriano Celentano surprisingly well preserved, although many have already managed to forget it. Although how to forget such a hot hottie, which she continues to this day.

  • Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren — long screens, but I must admit that she has changed beyond recognition. Exacerbated if the plastic surgery is not for us to judge, but we remember her young.

  • Vera Alentova

    And here plastic surgery has played a fatal role, completely destroying the features which so loved men and women of the Soviet Union.

  • Ingrid Bergman

    Here on who was a powerless old age. Or death just took Ingrid Bergman before we could see the horrible features of aging on her face. In any case, almost to the last days of this age the actress has already got marry women.

  • Maggie Smith

    Most people know Maggie Smith from old heroine of the famous Saga about the boy wizard, but it once was the standard of beauty in Hollywood.

  • Goldie Hawn

    How I want to remember this actress as a young girl, receiving an Oscar for best actress in the old Hollywood masterpiece “cactus Flower”. But since then, passed many decades and Goldie hawn now looks like this.

  • Meryl Streep

    A rare example of harmony in any age — Meryl Streep. It gets old, even a genius, can not be said about most of her colleagues in Hollywood, with both sexes.

  • Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren, which without exaggeration can be called a Russian beauty because of its origin and present surnames Mironov also became known not at the peak of its beauty, but much later. Nevertheless, we can see how she looked when she was young.

  • Natalia Oreiro

    Quite at the end of the 20th century Natalia Oreiro loved by the Russian public, but since then has passed enough time to marvel at the change in appearance of the star. Though Natalia and tries to keep in shape, all of its 40 years clearly visible on his face.

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The standards of female beauty are changing almost every decade. Men, too far gone — it turned out that a strong floor is also inclined to follow the many imposed by society’s ideals.
First photo of British artist Nicholas Lehmma dated 1870, the year. From this moment begins the project itself: Lamm decided to show how varied over time, the “ideal” male body.
In the late nineteenth century, food prices were still very high. That is why the extra weight was seen as a kind of indicator of social status — crammed belly, so wallet full.
In the period from 1930-ies to 1950-ies the cost of food in America has declined significantly. Hollywood actors at the same time set a new standard of beauty: lean, toned, but not raskachennyh bodies.
The rebelliousness of the 60-ies introduced a new fashion — West rebelled against the corporate bureaucracy, many men have got big eyes, a small volume of Castaneda and persistent aversion to work and exercise. Take a look at the rock stars of the time, these guys repeated the entire civilized world.
The heyday of bodybuilding peaked in the 1970-80-ies. It was cool to rock banks as the Schwarzenegger — who, incidentally, played a quite significant role in promoting a new ideal of the male body.
In the 1990-ies it hypermasculine addition went out of fashion. The standard was a lean, muscular body and strong hands, and judging by the fact that the body is still in Vogue, the men finally found their ideal. Read More →

Life energy nourishes our whole body. When a lot of it, I want to roll. But different aspects of modern life – lack of sleep, stress, long journey – can greatly reduce the tone and a bad influence on a feeling of cheerfulness. When the power is low and appears tired, even the simplest things are difficult. But there are a few tricks that will help quickly boost your energy and feel full of energy.

  • The correct fuel

    Not for nothing they say: you are what you eat. Food is fuel for our body. From what foods and what time of day we eat affects how much energy will eventually produce our body. Usually one meal is enough for a couple of hours, so nutritionists recommend eating regularly – every three hours. Portions should be small and balanced – proteins, fats, fiber and a little sweet. The fats are digested longer, so to feel more energetic, it is better to consume less fatty foods. Pure protein while it is best to charge the body.

  • Glucose for recharging

    Glucose is the main energy source for humans. It nourishes nerve cells in the brain and stimulates the heart. If glucose enters the body in insufficient quantities – there is a lack of energy. To avoid this, you can use to maintain strength supplements and special drinks with glucose or include it in your diet with more sweet foods. To maintain the desired glucose level is especially important for athletes.

  • The power of the mitochondria

    Another generator of energy in our body is the mitochondria. You can about them know nothing, but these particles are cells responsible for energy production throughout the body. To stimulate growth you need to eat enough protein to minimize the impact of toxins on the body and exercise regularly. Swimming, Cycling, brisk walking – if paid to exercise just half an hour three times a week, the mitochondria pozabotitsja that would feel fresh and energetic.

  • Posture like a rod

    Correct posture is the basis for growth vitality. Hunched back prevents flow of energy and can be a cause of fatigue. If to straighten his back, the forces are distributed evenly throughout the body and nourish the brain – cheerfulness is guaranteed.

  • More light

    Darkness and insufficient sleep the body and cause a feeling of fatigue. To awaken your inner strengths – spend more time in the light. Walking on a Sunny day and the right light in the room will help recharge your batteries.

  • Massage the ears

    Sounds weird, but massage of the ears can really add vitality. On the ears there are many biological points. Pressure on the ears and massaging the lobe, you can activate the whole body. Just a couple of minutes of this massage, you feel energized. For best results, you can do it several times a day.

  • Douche

    A contrast shower will help to boost your energy for the whole day. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the nervous system and rejuvenates the body. Two minutes under hot water, then half a minute under cold. There is no better way to feel good in the morning.

  • Vitamins

    Constant fatigue can be a symptom of lack of vitamin B. Also the efficiency decreases, if the blood receives an insufficient amount of iron. So, in this case it is better to enrich your diet foods with high contents of these nutrients or to replace them with a multivitamin complex.

  • Breathing using yoga

    Different types of breathing exercises will help to regain strength and energy boost. Yoga breathe so deep breath in and twenty to thirty quick jerky exhalations. This exercise should be repeated several times – then the brain will become saturated with oxygen, which in turn will bring the body in tone.

  • Music will set the rhythm

    Good music can not only lift your spirits but also increase efficiency. According to a recent study listening to your favorite tunes activates brain activity and helps to cope with the tasks. So, energetic music can give a good energy boost.

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