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Want of unity with nature, but money for a long vacation is not expected? Do not worry. Here is almost unknown beaches of our country, where it is constantly going to those who do not like to sunbathe in clothes.
Beach Fox Bay located in Crimea, near the mountain Echki Dag.
Rowing channel in Nizhny Novgorod — one of the oldest fans to sunbathe naked.
Big Utrish near Anapa for a couple of tens of years is very popular, but easy to get here and therefore the fame of the nudist beach has not yet spread throughout the country.
But in Koktebel always met and will meet again for a long time. Nice place!
In Moscow the beaches for nudists (unofficial, of course), as many as three pieces: the Silver forest, Swan lake and the beach Lyubertsy career. Read More →

Star scandals – a tidbit for the press and for fans. This environment just generates true and false facts, based on which is built the seething life of the celebrity. Without a high-profile divorces, novels, quarrels and reconciliations Hollywood will be Hollywood and will lose much of its charm. After all, to follow false images in the film is one thing, but to observe the real full of passion lives – is quite another. And it’s more interested the audience the most.

  • Drake vs Rihanna

    The whole world, not looking up, watching the lives of famous rapper Drake and pop star Rihanna is not just. The audience waited, and when finally the couple leaves the whole background behind and once again merge into a passionate affair. And finally, the punch line is – Drake has publicly declared from the stage in love when Rihanna handed him another music award, and reached to kiss her. Instead of the expected hot kiss singer framed his cheek.

  • Johnny Depp vs amber heard

    2016 was not too good for Johnny Depp, whose wife amber heard was accused of abuse and filed for divorce. The process took place in the public eye, and those 7 million who have benefited from Depp heard, and also because of the bad reputation of the actor began his performance. The money did amber spend on charity, but easier this Depp did not.

  • Brad pitt vs Angelina Jolie

    Another sensational divorce with the dirty details – collapsed couple Brangelina, the most reliable and beloved fans. In this story, the people sided with Angie because of the dark history, with their son Meddoksa in which pitt showed himself not the best way. The whole story is very bad at the training camp at the end of the movie “the Allies”.

  • Kanye West vs Taylor swift

    In his video husband Kim Kardashian Kanye West called the singer Taylor swift bitch, for which she got against all the star family. Kim did not fail to publish a revealing video, in which West and swift discuss the details of this clip. Scandal about who is right and who is bitch, is still ongoing.

  • Black vs Oscar

    The main problem with Hollywood remains racial diversity, or lack thereof. When once again been named nominees for the Academy award Oscar in the past year, and among them was not a single “non-titular” the actor we were talking about the quota for non-ferrous nominees. But wait, it’s at the Oscars should be about talent, not skin color. And in this year, followed by a new scandal – incorrectly named leading winner in the main nomination.

  • Tilda Swinton vs Asians

    It would seem as Tilda Swinton may be involved in a racist scandal. But just don’t need to take up the controversial role. In the movie “Doctor strange” she played the role of the elders. And the problem was not even that it is a male role. Just initially, the elder Asian man. Critics and Marvel fans remained dissatisfied with this situation, because they considered it discriminates against Asians.

  • Justin Bieber vs Selena Gomez

    This couple, as befits a modern advanced youth, had a fight on instagram. Bieber asked fans not to judge his new relationship that ensued after the breakup with Selena, and Selena released a caustic comment. She said the following: “don’t like criticism, don’t post photos of your new girl.” However, after she explained that the breccia stupidity.

  • Orlando bloom vs paparazzi

    With his now ex-girlfriend Katy Perry Orlando just went yachting. The problem was that he did not count on the attention of photographers and uncovered more than I should. Honestly, he did all he could. While Katie was dressed in a decent suit. Photos scattered around the Internet, and Orlando seem to have regretted such frankness.

  • Tom Hiddleston vs public opinion

    In this scandal, too, was Taylor swift, who for a time was supposedly the girlfriend of Hiddleston. Public slips new photos of the couple, but in the end, their relationship was nothing more than zilch. What it is – a pr move or a genuine outburst of passion, no one explained.

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An attractive man is unthinkable without the profession. It is a marker of his personal qualities, status and prospects. These items are considered by women when evaluating a potential partner. It becomes so important to start a romantic relationship, what about this even compiled a specialized rating — and that’s what the profession made the list of the sexiest male professions from the point of view of women.

  • COP

    Let’s be realistic — sometimes women just need protection. Who can do it better than a specially trained technician. A little bit of authoritarianism will be useful in building a good relationship, so the nearest police station — quite a potential Dating.

  • Accountant

    Men’s attractiveness is closely connected with money and ability to earn them. Who may be more familiar with money than an accountant or economist. Male-accountant — a rarity, but in the economic sphere there are other specialty. They are also perfect as a bargaining chip when meeting.

  • Chiropractor

    Skilled hands can not only reduce the dislocations and to massage muscles. They can bring a lot of pleasure to the one whose disposal will be. Chiropractors and massage therapists consistently be in favor with the weaker sex — is not a reason to learn a few new methods of fine motor skills of hands.

  • Engineer

    Engineers have used to solve problems — the very nature of the profession obliges to be as knowledgeable and confident in their actions. It seems that the transfer of these qualities in real life is magically valid and the opposite sex. All polls about the sexiest professions consistently include the item “engineer”.

  • The ecologist

    While the world is aware that something went wrong, these guys are fighting on the front lines of the war with pollution and environmental problems. Such selfless passion are highly valued by women environmental scientists occupy sixth place in the ranking of the most attractive male professions.

  • Teacher

    What girl has not dreamed about a young and smart Professor from the University. Knowledge is not only power, but, as practice shows, and even sexuality. And the distribution of roles in this approach perfectly fits the model of a love relationship.

  • Marketer

    The presentation, creativity and constant bubbling — many girls prefer this way of life. Marketers make good money and rarely sit still for girls this set is no less important pack abs or a new BMW.

  • Dr.

    The doctor is caring, smart and insightful. This combination is capable of becoming the sharpest arrow in the quiver of Cupid. Lover in a white coat — an equally common fantasy, like men’s sexual dream of the nurse.

  • Lawyer

    Awareness and confidence — qualities that simply must have a good lawyer, no matter in what sphere he works. They will be useful in relations and then applied in a suit finally convince any woman in a highly attractiveness of a male lawyer.

  • Architect

    The man who will build a house worthy of his love. Women are well aware of and architects vengeance take advantage of this by tricking unsuspecting girls are flying like moths to the light design ideas.

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Men, fortunately, do not attach such importance to external appearance as women. However, we have to admit — we dress up with some eye on the opposite sex. That’s just doing it based on their own ideas about beauty, which are often important only to ourselves. We have collected the statements Actresses, fashion designers and beautiful girls about the disgusting things that allow themselves to wear men. Take note.

Eva Longoria


“Don’t need to use too much Cologne. And knitted sweaters — are you Hemingway? Or a sailor? Neither one nor the other? So remove your sweater!”

Emilia Fox


“Sandals. That’s really a horrible thing. And some manage to combine them with socks, thanks to the latest shows of Louis Vuitton and Adidas. Are you in the mirror and not see myself?”

Vivien Westwood


“With rare exception, I don’t like tattoos. Usually a man, making a couple of tattoos, and immediately begins to brag. Goes shirtless and the like. Yet, I don’t like it when a man wears a dress shirt not tucked in. Sometimes, Yes, it looks stylish. But, for the most part, like the baby-overgrown”

Laura Craik

Fashion editor The Times

“You know what really sucks? When the elastic band of your boxers visible logo. I don’t care your attitude to the creation of Calvin Klein and what do you think — is it worth it to advertise someone else with your genitals? Looks like, at least, stupid”

Carla Bruni


“The bow tie looks great at a dinner party at Downton Abbey, that’s where. It is a wonderful item, if it is combined with Butler who suits you, and Bank, which pays all the bills. A shirt with short sleeves and a butterfly, you don’t look fashionable. You look like a complete idiot”

Catherine Hayward

Editor, fashion Department, Esquire

“Sweater with V-neck. Or Mike. Or at least something. Looks like a complete misery, especially with a hairy chest… And pointy shoes, especially cheap. The combination of both — a great idea for the Italian outfit on Halloween”

Lena Heady


“Too tight pants. No one needs to see the man so — strapped, that is… dress for size, not fashion”

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Nature often jokes at the presumptuous man. And the more a man intervenes in the natural course of things, the more peculiar can be the jokes of nature. Usually they manifest in scary or funny genetic failures. We are not talking about really wild cases, examples of which are exhibited in the Museum of curiosities, but about the very real people who, because of genetic faults became famous.

  • Macrodactylia

    Louis Hua suffers from a rare disease called macrodactyly. If to speak a simple language, his huge fingers. For this reason back in 2007 he was admitted to hospital, and the surgeons tried to reduce the size of his brush. The operation lasted seven hours and it was removed 11 pounds of bone and tissues. But that was not enough, and Louis was still experiencing some hands.

  • The back foot

    Chinese girl named Wang Fang from birth learns to live with the feet, which are bent in the wrong direction. It is so well adapted to their genetic flaw that he refused a disability pension. “I can run faster than healthy people, so why pretend to be disabled,” she says.

  • Three-handed kid

    This little boy named Liu unitse was also born in China. And he had a well-developed third arm. That is a full-fledged limb, he had more than ordinary people. But the doctors still decided to remove it. The baby required prolonged physical therapy in order to get used to life without my third arm.

  • The chest at the foot

    Not quite Boobs, but only her most necessary part – the breast – was formed at the foot of a woman who at 22 has addressed this issue to the doctors. She could not understand the strange knot formed on the sole. But clinical studies have proven that this is a real breast in this strange place.

  • Tail

    Thirty-degree tail grew one Bengali guy named Chandra Oram. Himself the owner of that genetic fault considers it a divine manifestation. “People who touch my tail, recover from serious diseases,” says Chandra. To it really a daily queue of seeking blessings. The tail does not interfere with a young person in the home.

  • Hydrocephalus

    Hydrocephalus is a relatively common disease, which affects mainly infants. This fluid in the brain, which can deform the skull, blowing it to abnormal sizes. There is one case that is worthy of medical reference books – a girl named Runa Begum of India due to this disease had a mind to 94 cm in circumference.

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For men and women the warm time of the year becomes an occasion not only to change the style of clothes easier, but also to refresh the fragrance that accompanies us at work and during leisure time. So, to replace the heavy, thoughtful perfumes come more fresh and energetic. After the rejection of warm things, which, however, in 2017 occurs with difficulty, such changes in olfactory preferences seem quite appropriate. We picked the eight best, in our opinion, men, women, and sometimes unisex fragrances that definitely diversify your impressions of this summer.


    A fresh new flavor to the classic BOSS BOTTLED, which reveals unknown facets of masculinity. Energetic, courageous BOSS BOTTLED TONIC, thanks to a unique olfactory composition, inspired by the success in helping to achieve your goals. It is an elegant blend of fine citrus, spicy and woody notes, which give the ease and fresh sound to classical compositions. BOSS BOTTLED TONIC chord opens with juicy grapefruit, orange and lemon, which combined with the Apple note gives freshness and a powerful boost of energy. Thanks to the note of ginger in the heart, cool the initial chord gets exciting and vibrant continuation. At the same time, ginger enhances the classic trio of notes of carnation, geranium and cinnamon. The novelty is complemented by a noble fragrance of vetiver, which gives the scent an earthy trail.

  • For her: Bottega Veneta Knot

    Bottega Veneta Knot is a unique women’s fragrance floral group from the famous fashion House, famous for its leather goods. This perfume is a tribute to the signature clutch, which already more than 15 years easily distinguishable at first sight, with its memorable castle in the shape node. Top notes of Bottega Veneta Knot misleading bright freshness of a bouquet of citrus notes, accented with a thin tart-sweet accord of orange blossoms. Gentle fresh scent of the opening gives way to a floral heart of lavender, white roses and peony. At the end of the aroma leaves us a trail of velvety aftertaste of smoky-spicy Tonka bean in a cloud of light, weightless musk.

  • For him and for her: All CK by Calvin Klein

    CK All — refreshing and memorable Oriental-citrus fragrance for men and women, which became a real decoration of the aromatic Calvin Klein collection since its inception in early 2017. The slogan of this scented composition is to Be One. Be All. Just Be (Be something. If anything. Just be). The smell of sweet, Sunny Mandarin in the sound of the fragrance opens with bright citrus freshness of perfume. In the heart of the composition — notes paradisone that serve as a backdrop for pungent, honey-like Jasmine and citrus spicy flowers. Completes the CK sound All soft, resinous scent of refined amber.

  • For him Bleu de CHANEL

    Fragrance for men, created by a true master of his craft — perfumer Jacques Polge. Bleu de CHANEL belonging to the group of woody aromatic fragrances, was a good test of time — the first time the world saw it back in 2010. The fragrance of the pledged notes of labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, Jasmine, grapefruit, citrus, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper. The unique formula of Bleu de CHANEL has to use it after shaving, because it is perfectly refreshes the skin.

  • For her: Narciso Rodriguez for her musc fleur

    A landmark collection of fragrances Narciso Rodriguez for her continues to surprise by presenting a new fragrance for her fleur musc. Unique and attractive: this fragrance reinterprets the duality. Thus, the vibration of luxurious floral bouquet surrounded by typical warm and sensual musk heart. Lush pink flowers, the sound of which emphasize the notes of pink pepper, blended with precious musk, and warm amber chords — a mixture of patchouli and ambergris — scent of radiance. The result: a soft and luminous rose blooming alone.

  • For him and her: D&G Light Blue Eau Intense pour Femme/Homme

    This fragrance for women restarted after 16 years after the release of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, master perfumer Olivier Crespo complements a new Chapter, which was called Eau Intense pour Femme. It reveals a poignant, thrilling duet: radiant lemon and fresh Granny Smith Apple. Fruity and floral facets chord calendula harmoniously woven into the heart notes with Jasmine petals. In the plume — amber with woody accords and precious musk. Light Blue Eau pour Homme Intense is a men’s alter ego the famous women’s fragrance, Dolce&Gabbana, in the top notes which chilled citrus cocktail of refreshing Mandarin and frozen grapefruit. Aromatic juniper into the heart salty aquatic accord, conjuring the transparent blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. The abundance of woody amber vibrating chords, surrounded by musk, reinforced the powerful train.

  • For her: ELIE SAAB Le Parfum

    The aroma of Elie Saab Le Parfum is not simply brings this summer a little spring cheer, but also celebrates the glamour of the red carpet, adorning the iconic bouquet of white flowers Carmine-red hues. To create this composition, Francis Kurkdjian chose an unusual, colorful and sparkling fruity notes. Juicy, spicy and deliciously sweet essence of red Mandarin from Italy light sensitive solar accord frangipani. Tart pomegranate nectar fills the ruby glow of the heart of the fragrance, where the solo, Sambuca bouquet of Jasmine and orange blossom. The richness of patchouli extends exciting sounding sophisticated train.

  • For him and her: L’eau d’issey pour l’ete/pour Homme pour l’ete

    Eau de toilette for women L’eau d’issey pour l’ete summer in a limited edition of 2017 is radiant, feminine, fruity floral fragrance opens with a splash of sharpness of grapefruit and lychee. Their freshness is melting among the sparkling iridescence of the heart of pomegranate and guava. Aquaticae delicate floral accords give a soft, sensual sound of this exotic cocktail. Gentle vanilla, surrounded by woody notes, the fragrance permeates the warmth of the sun as soon as it opens. Male version L’eau d’issey pour Homme pour l’ete is also full of Sunny summer frivolity, what screams out an explosive mix of exotic fruits. Juicy kiwi fruit gives the sharp crisp top notes, light bitter grapefruit a burst of fragrant coriander. The heart opens with a fragrant pineapple, soaked in the sweetness of nutmeg. The depth and structure of the fragrance is formed by the vibrating wood of the chords of vetiver and cypress.

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In the line of Russian brand electronics BQ replenishment of new original smartphone BQ-5033 Shark. The smartphone created in a protective form factor and is waterproof and protected from dust inside the device. BQ Shark with a degree of protection against moisture IP65 will not fail, if you got caught in the rain or accidentally poured his tea or other beverages. In addition, BQ Shark is able to survive a fall from a height, with shock-resistant glass technology Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
The model was equipped with a 5 -inch display with HD resolution, guaranteeing amazing color reproduction when viewing multimedia files.
A productive platform MT6580 and it is given 1 GB of RAM. Under internal storage allocated 8 GB, which can optionally be expanded using Micro SD card up to 128 GB. The autonomy of the device will provide battery capacity of 3200 mAh, which makes the smartphone is particularly attractive for travelers and those who often uses a smartphone on business trips. The operating system installed on Board the latest Android version 7.0, which helps to use all the features of the smartphone. To create high-quality photos and video includes two cameras, both with a resolution of 8 MP.
The smartphone can be purchased for 7490 rubles in the official online store of the manufacturer Read More →

Old age awaits each of us. However, meet its people in different ways. Someone gives up and fifty years turns into a wizened old man, not realizing that there is another alternative. Here’s!
Andreas Kaling in my 63 years continues to be vegan. Who’s to say that without meat the body to build?
Jeffrey’s Life 72. Any thirty-year head start will give.
It’s Vince McMahon. He is 69 and he is still the President of the International wrestling Federation.
The volume of the biceps of Svetozara of Nicosevici is 55 inches. 60 years old man.
Rusty Jeffers, 50 years. Started 12!
Manohar Eich lived to be 101 years, constantly participating in professional contests. You know how it is called? Pocket Hercules! Read More →

We used to take that to Hollywood and its celebrities – the fruit of the American film industry, and to compete with these heights meaningless. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that without the Russian trace has not done in this area. The most famous winners of Oscars, favorite by fans, film stars and sex symbols have a direct relationship to Russia. How could this happen? Yes, just Russian talent can not be concealed.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Elizaveta Smirnova – that is, without doubt nationality, called native grandmother of Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course, the fate of this woman played a role revolution. It was after her at a very young age, the grandmother of the future genius of acting was in the United States. Leo himself proud of his Russian roots and portrays a hilarious Russian accent.

  • Harrison Ford

    Harrison Ford not only appreciates their Slavic origin, but persistently looking for relatives in the former Soviet Union. In 1907 his grandmother left Minsk in the USA, but nevertheless the actor may be many relatives scattered events of the 20th century in the cities of Russia and Belarus.

  • Helen Mirren

    Really Helen Mirren could call Elena Mironova, if she continued to wear her father’s name. Her grandfather worked for the Imperial government – he was a military engineer and was often on duty in the UK. Just in time for his next business trip happened the coup d’etat of 1917. In Russia, he never returned.

  • Mila Kunis

    And this actress not just has Russian roots and speaks Russian. The language she communicates with her parents – immigrants from the Ukrainian Chernivtsi. From there the family emigrated to the US when Mila was a baby. By the way, the full name of the actress Milena Markovna.

  • David Duchovny

    The last name of the actor it is easy to guess that the Russian roots in his biography are present and that they are not so old. His father, Amram Spiritual – belonged to a family of immigrants from Berdichev. Grandfather of the actor’s name was Moishe Spiritual. At some point the last letter of their surnames disappeared, but it does not change.

  • Milla Jovovich

    Milla Jovovich was born in Kiev, and mother of the actress’s name is Galina Loginova. Name Mila – from his father, who was a Serb. The actress spent in the Soviet Union the first years of life, but Russian language will remember it forever and still actively uses it.

  • Winona Ryder

    The name of the family, which came to light Winona, – Tomchin. During exile in the USA, it had to change, but its origin actress hides and feeds in relation to Russia’s warm, almost family feeling.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Odessa grandmother, great Rimbaud was called Rose. Naturally, sly knows about his Slavic roots and has fond memories of grandmother from Odessa. Well, she’d be proud of the grandson, who will forever be the best possible action hero.

  • Robert Downey Jr.

    Among the ancestors of Robert Downey Jr. in addition to Robert Downey Sr. is Jewish, and Slavic relatives. However the connection with this line of ancestry in the family of Downey is not very stable, that does not negate the fact that Russian-born actor.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Great-grandmother of the star of Playboy – also an immigrant from Russia. Which is not surprising, after all, America was the promised land for many of those who did not accept the revolution of 1917.

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The California-based brand Dockers for 30 years is the epitome of the male wardrobe in casual style. He is known for his trademark khaki pants, appropriate in any situation. Each model is made of special material and has a special landing. Model The Clean Khaki – the most functional, it is suitable for both office and party. The Jean is the perfect Cut for a relaxed way weekend. The Best Pressed will allow you to look elegant as in serious negotiations, and in theater, and model the Broken In fit for aesthetes who love the vintage texture of the fabric. Colors that made the pants Dockers is perfect for the summer season. They can be combined with Polo shirts and pastel shades.

  • Pants The Jean Cut

    3900 rubles

  • Pants The Jean Cut

    3900 rubles

  • The Clean Pants Khaki

    7500 rubles

  • The Pants Are Broken In

    7500 rubles

  • The Pants Are Broken In

    7500 rubles

  • Pants The Best Pressed

    4 500 rubles

  • The Pants Are Broken In

    4500 rubles

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