Аутфит для будущегоThe newest technologies used in the design of clothing today. Penetrating into our smartphones, tablets and computers, in 2013 the latest technologies tend to get even closer: hi-tech comes to clothes. Built-in gadgets, LED-backlight, smart fabrics – development of the industry of high-tech service is in full swing. Much of what some 5-7 years ago seemed like costumes for the filming of science fiction, it is now possible to buy and wear – and, quite adequate prices. Trendymen.ru reviewed the matter and chose the 5 main directions, which are now developing clothes of the future. 3D printing 0 Of course, that the revolution 3D printing, which make noise all the media for almost a year, touched, and clothing design. Three-dimensional design will allow designers to realize any fantasy and create shapes that are impossible to work with cloth. Iris van Херпен, designer originally from Holland, quickly learned the advantages of the new technology and wasted no time, has released a whole collection of clothes and shoes, printed on 3D-printer. After a few months outrageous model Dita von Teese first appeared in 3D dress in public. 0 Three-dimensional printing service can completely change the relationship between the designer and the buyer – now bag Burberry or new shoes Louboutain you can simply download from the Internet and print on your home printer. And here is how to deal with inevitable in this case, the design piracy is not clear yet. Smart textiles 0 Clothing, which is able to take care of its owner, warming it, when it’s cold, refreshing in hot weather, protecting from viruses and bacteria that may be more useful? Such «smart fabrics are more likely due to the method of микроинкапсуляции – that is, implantation into the fabric of capsules with useful substances, such as moisturising or antibacterial components. 0 The company Outlast Technologie developed a fabric with sealed микрошариками paraffin. When the ambient temperature is below -10 degrees, paraffin begins to produce heat. Theoretically, this development will help to solve the eternal problem of the volume of winter clothing and huge shapeless down coats will be forgotten. As the unbearable summer heat – clothes from Australians Arctic Heat filled with special gel, capable of retaining the cold for several hours. And even the small holes on the clothes, spoiling the view, a thing of the past – U.S. scientists have created a material that is able to close up the damage under the beam of ultraviolet light. LED-backlight 0 Embedded in the fabric safe LEDs – a spectacular and impressive technology, which is appreciated by many pop stars like Azaleas banks, Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas. The most known company engaged in the development stage digital costumes for stars XO Studio. 0 Until that common as an exotic, very soon, digital fabric can completely change our attitude to clothes and consumption in General. Why buy dozens of t-shirts with prints, if the new drum it will be possible to download on the t-shirt though every day? Why deal with the choice of suitable shades, if the color of jeans, you can change one touch? Yes and at the party to make a splash will be much easier – there are already dresses, flashing in different colors to the music. Source of energy 0 Another requirement for clothes future multifunctionality. Absence in the immediate vicinity of the socket will soon cease to be a problem – clothes can easily charge your gadgets. For example, rubber boots Gotwind created specifically for Hiking conditions or music festivals – thermoelectric converters in soles per day walk will create enough electricity for recharging your cell phone. 0 Another great option to not think about the resulting charge and enjoy your holiday – clothes, using energy of the sun. Futuristic vests with built-in solar panels from designer Pauline van Dongen for clear day gather enough energy to recharge their phone gadgets neighbor tent. Extension of the body 0 Clothing, sensitive to the frequency of the pulse measuring the pressure and volume of permissible load is undoubtedly necessary product, which would be useful for athletes and people looking for health. But the other side of such developments is reduced to the idea to make clothes to respond to our feelings, mood, and thoughts – and often noticeable to others. 0 For example, sweater design Studio Sensoree equipped with a special sensor, similar sensors on lie detectors. If the owner is not in the spirit of the sweater is illuminated in red, and if, on the contrary, glad to see you, something blue. But that. Dress Intimacy from a Studio Roosegaarde and does become transparent, if their bearer excited, and her pulse quickens – very practical invention, isn’t it? Internet resources: Аутфит for the future

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