КинобайкиCult motorcycles on which prefer to ride movie heroes. In the movies no random parts, all that is present in the frame, bears the meaning no less than the dialogues of the main characters. Transport opt for the latter, incidentally, is also based on the nature of your character or tension of the moment. For example, to emphasize the love of freedom, independence or безбашенность hero, the writers put it on a suitable occasion motorcycle – from the chopper to Enduro. To the joy of all lovers of two-wheeled iron horses Trendymen.ru made a list of 10 religious кинобайков and their owners. 0   Harley-Davidson, «Real wild boars» 00 Harley-Davidson – undisputed leaders in the number of киноупоминаний, and in the script of the movie Wild Hogs («Real wild boar») took its place, when clear ways else was not. Abbreviation HOG used to refer to community Harley Owners Group, and it is no coincidence four «home» bikers have chosen logo for his «gang» in the form of клыкастого swin. Харлеи and the film itself ideally transfer inner freedom and thirst for adventure any average person. Kawasaki ZZR250, «Kill bill» 00 On last gang «88 enraged» and O-Ren Ishii meeting the heroine of uma Thurman, is riding on a yellow to match the costume, sports bike Kawasaki ZZR250 of the year 2002. Powerful enough for its small cubic capacity зизер if hinting that the miniature rider on it also the one more thing. Bright, moderately aggressive design of this model is best suited the image of the Black Mambas, going towards his goal of specially openly. Indian Scout, «The world’s fastest Indian”» 00 Based on real events of the story is about the road adventures of old new Zealander Burt Monroe (Anthony Hopkins), who in his garage finalized until the competitive status of one of the first Indian motorcycles. In the 60s at the races in the salt desert this man established several world records in speed for the class of motorcycles, not beaten today. Indian Scout, 1920, is the embodiment of a dream that will come true, we need only to believe in themselves and to reach the end. Honda CB 750, «Terminator» 00 Looks like Harley, this model from Honda is much cheaper competitor and this fact played a significant role in the choice of transport on which the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads the persecution at the end of the first Terminator. The limited budget and good external data motorcycle, who in 1969 фурорщиком on the market, and by the time the movie was released in 1984 – the ancestor of all the супербайков played a role during the «casting». Harley-Davidson Fatboy, «Terminator 2: judgment day» 00 Together with the huge popularity and raised almost 13 times the budget in the second part of the cult blockbuster 1991 came iconic motorcycle. Rapid driving style Schwarzenegger, of course, is far from the leisurely, which is inherent to the drivers of this class of motorcycles, but it played into the hands of the manufacturer. In that difficult for Harley-Davidson time, old Arnie on the black фэтбое not only played the role of terminator, but it re-popularized by the American мотопром, discouraging attack accessible Japanese counterparts. Dnepr, «garden state» 00 Not far behind and Slavic manufacturers of motorcycles that were worthy of mention for its Dnipro even overseas – in the movie Zack Браффа «garden state». However, the situation here is similar to the first «Terminator», because judging by the color khaki, in which перекрашено brainchild of Kiev motorcycle plant, the owner intentionally sought similarity of the «Dnipro» with the military Harley WLA. Kawasaki KZ 1000, «Mad Max» 00 Actually, the Max (Mel Gibson) preferred cars, but his best friend Jim police HUS cut in a Kawasaki KZ 1000 1977, modern at the time of filming. For the film, which because of lack of money mounted on the kitchen in the house of the chief Director, the ability to shatter (which was done) a brand new Kawasaki was unaffordable. But a far-sighted Japanese Corporation provided free this and several other Baikov, which is called a «slaughter». And not regret. Film more than 20 years in the lead in the Guinness Book of records by the ratio of investments and earnings: 300 000 Australian dollars at the box office managed to collect about 100 million. Indian Scout 101, «Mysterious history of Benjamin Button» 00 Another Indian movie with brad pitt appears at the moment when the main character is in the best phase of his life. Motorcycle, released in 1928, perfectly reflects the attachment of Benjamin, who was born 10 years earlier, to the things of his old childhood. Ducati Hypermotard, «Always say “Yes”» 00 An example of successful and not without some humour below the belt product placement motorcycle Ducati in the movie with Jim Carrey in the title role, along with the advertisement of Nokia, looks quite naturally. The main message мотопроизводителя – even people with no experience of driving can manage our legends, the main message Jim – my fifth point is funnier many comedians. Husqvarna CR 250, «Three X’s» 00 Hero of VIN Diesel – champion in three kinds of extreme sports during the mess in Colombia cuts through the burning наркоплантации on cross-bike Husqvarna CR 250. Just created to ride on the road, the bike is ideal for performing those stunts that Xander cage on it gets up. Against the background of such flights assertion that almost all the stunts were performed an actor yourself, loses all meaning, otherwise cover of Wine, would simply not afford its agents. Internet resources: Кинобайки

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