10 лучших пляжей со всего мираWhat can be better than the endless sandy beaches washed by the turquoise water of a sea or ocean…Travelers from around the world called the best beaches of our planet. And we made the rating of the ten best beaches.
Rabbit Beach, Italy
The first in the top list is located beach Rabbit Beach. It is located on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is located between Tunisia and Sicily.
Many experts and travelers consider this beach one of the best throughout Europe. To this beach is just not подберешься. Even riding up here by car, you will still have to walk to overcome the 20-minute path winding mountain trail.
This beach has white sand and gentle. The first 150 metres from the shores of the sea is very shallow, so to a small island, which is located opposite the beach, easy access Wade. But all the same it is better to rent canoes and already using boats make the tour of the island, enjoying the underwater creatures, following the boat and explore the nearby caves.
Some tourists are lucky to see the large marine turtles that come to this region in the end of August to lay their eggs. In the Western part of the beach is prohibited until черепашата not hatch.

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands
Second place in the ranking of the best beaches of the planet takes Grace Bay, Providenciales island, which is included in the group of Islands Caicos and Turks (British overseas territory). Turquoise water and white sand will leave nobody indifferent.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
Whitehaven beach Beach is located on the Islands Вайтсандейс. The wild beauty of this beach stretches for 7 kilometers. Interestingly, the sand on this beach is not heated even in hot Sunny day. Therefore, we can safely take off the shoes and go barefoot, not afraid to burn your feet on the hot sand. For its beauty and extraordinary properties of a local sand, this beach is the third place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world.

Baía do Sancho, Brazil
This beautiful beach is located in Brazil, surrounded by rocks. The fourth line in the rating.

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico
Flamenco Beach – one of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean. Solid five in our rating.

Olu Deniz, Turkey
Oludeniz, or Oludeniz, in translation with Turkish means the Dead sea. Blue Lagoon beach is located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, 15 km from the town of Fethiye. Olu Deniz is not inferior to the best resorts in Europe in the refined beauty.

Lopes Mendes Beach, Brazil
Another Brazilian beach entrenched in our ranking of the best beaches in the world is a beach Lopes Mendes Beach. It is located on the island of Ilha Grande, which is located near the vibrant and bustling city of Rio de Janeiro.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
Horseshoe Bay beach is several kilometres of sand pale pink and turquoise water. In Bermuda, this beach is the most famous. 

Eagle Beach, Aruba
On the next to last place in this rating there is a beach called Eagle Beach, which is located on the island of Aruba, Caribbean. Landscapes of great beauty and coral reefs attract in this Paradise place for many tourists from all over the world.

Rhossili Bay, United Kingdom
The beach, which is located on the Gower Peninsula, near Swansea, recognized as the best beach of the UK. This beach stretches nearly five kilometres. But this place attracts tourists not only for its picturesque hills Rhossili Downs, the breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding area, but steadily high waves in the Northern part of the beach, in the direction of village of Кланженит. There are here British surfers.

Our rating is completed. But this is only a small part of the most beautiful beaches from around the world. And what are the beaches, in your opinion, deserve to be in this rating?
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