100 долларовое путешествиеShort guide for travelers, whose budget is not large. For the second year in a row portal on travel Tripomatic tries to answer the question «How long can a person live on 100 dollars in different cities of the world?». Selecting the 50 most visited cities in the world, the project experts have joined knowledge about the average cost of housing, food, transport and entertainment infographics. The picture demonstrates the opportunities tourists having the minimal budget. For example, spending 1 night in new York equal to 20 days in Goa.   0 So many days you can be on 100 dollars.   0 How long can I stay in one place or another – the most expensive cities against the budget.   0 List of all cities where orange and dark green indicates the number of days that can be live on 100 dollars. To the left of expensive, right cheaper.   0 The main points of the guide in comparison: the most and least expensive food, shelter and other services. Look at the statistics in terms of different currencies – us dollars, euros and pounds. Internet resources: 100 dollar journey

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