3D-аксессуары на заказEBay offers the customization of products using 3D printing. Following the online store Amazon, opened the sales Department of 3D printers, eBay auction connected to the rapidly growing market of three-dimensional printing. The company has released an application eBay Exact for the iPhone that allows you to select one of the accessories, to modify it, to send in 3D printing and get ready subject of delivery. 0 Currently in the range of about 20 accessories – from the cover for smartphone for $ 9 to the metal rings for $ 350. In each of the objects you can make small changes. For example, choose a different color, material, or form. Then the buyer choose the printer to which company to send order – Sculpteo France, Hot Pop Factory in Canada or MakerBot in the United States. 0 Unfortunately, eBay Exact not yet available in Russia. For States with a free app works, payment is made through PayPal and delivery occurs within two weeks. Internet resources: 3D accessories to order

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