6 способов накачаться перед выходом на пляжSummer is in full swing and the swimming season has long opened, and you’re ready to strip heats up before the charming ladies? Then MEN’s LIFE will give you a few tips on how to better prepare for the exit to the beach, to impress nearby, in the literal sense of the girls.
1. If you can’t boast of an excellent figure without extra pounds, but first you need to get rid of the fat that was accumulated during the winter period, in simple words lose weight. And the best method of getting rid of excess weight is aerobic exercise. Therefore, begaj, plavay, Biking, use aerobic fitness, and soon you will feel the effect and will see the results. The best time for aerobic training – morning.
2. Expand your shoulders shaking her shoulder muscles using dumbbells:

3. Dig over his back. The most available and effective exercises is training on the bar. Further developing and strengthening the back muscles will help hyperextension. Accomplishment of this exercise will also reduce the risk of injury to the spine and increase stamina. In this video graphically presents the technique of this exercise:

4. Don’t forget hands. Develop biceps and triceps using push-UPS in different ways, do exercises with the use of projectiles.
5. If the polls are to be believed, around 90% of women in the first pay attention to the the pectoral muscles men. So be sure to take your attention to this area:

6. And, of course, do not forget cherished cubes press. Here is what will be left without attention of the girls! Ways and methods of how to pump up press a lot, so choose a suitable method for himself and forward work!

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