7 вещей, на которые вы тратите время зряEach of us knows that time is a very limited resource. However, most spend their entire lives for weird, useless and even harmful pursuits … wasting my precious hours, days and even years. Why is this happening? It’s very simple. The human brain is arranged so as to waste as little energy as possible. So the first step to solving the problem of procrastination — understanding what it is you do to kill time.

  • TV

    The problem with television is that it makes you passive. Pressed the button — and if failed to swamp a substitute for reality. Remember, how much time is spent watching your favorite TV shows? What did it bring you pleasure? Hardly, most of these “binges” there is only weariness and dissatisfaction.

  • Thoughts about the future

    Most people are not even aware fully of the moment. Thoughts about possible future scenarios, reflection on the past — it all messes with your head, leaving no time for reality. The benefit of this. no.

  • Like all in a row

    In quest to seem the best guy in the world, many people spend their entire lives. A positive result in such a race is impossible to achieve, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you. Focus better on yourself and not on others.

  • The decision other people’s problems

    To help others needs from time to time each. But spend most of the time silly, but so do many. Other people’s problems to solve always easier, because of less liability. But on a life of its own will-power no longer remains.

  • Social network

    There is one thing, stealing time, even better than TV. It is a social network that drag people to the bottom of infinite scrolling newsfeed. As part of you update your profiles instead of working, instead of real life? Who needs the news and other people’s status — senseless collecting energy information?

  • Complaints

    Never a complaint did not help anyone. Moreover, the habit to lament the vicissitudes of life makes you a passive participant in his own life and requires almost as much energy as the solution itself of the problem. You can fix the situation? Fix. I can’t help it? Don’t waste time on a plaintive whine.

  • Haphazard training

    Even a hundred in a row read Wikipedia pages does not make you smart, knowledgeable, interesting — no. Most of the information disappears the next morning. The same applies to any other haphazard acquisition of knowledge. Want to educate ourselves? First you need to choose one area then make a rough plan of action and consistently proceed to its implementation. Everything else is a waste of time.

Internet resources: 7 things you’re wasting time

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