Perhaps, most men have already mastered the basic principles of an old style: famous socks with sandals now laugh all. However, there are still a few simple details, explaining that, you can look perfect in any heat. remembered the main mistakes in the summer style committed from year to year so you never repeated. Tie shirt short sleeve 0 Leave this outfit employees of fast-food establishments, inmates summer banking dress code or singers pop-punk groups. Here it is necessary to choose: either a tie, or a shirt with short sleeves. Together this ensemble is unlikely to add you to the solidity and style. Pouch on her belt 0 Have free hands convenient, but pouch on her belt are only appropriate in some situations. For example, if you go dancing on the party or open-air. In any other case bag on belt (especially sports) will make you look like an inhabitant of the market. If we really want – choose a leather designer options. Socks with top сайдерами, лоферами and эспадрильями 0 In fact, a mistake in the selection of socks to fashionable footwear in some ways even worse than the “classic” socks with sandals. With top-сайдерами and эспадрильями socks inadmissible (top сайдеры – initially shoes for yachtsmen and espadrilles and so soft and breathable). To лоферам, if something bothers you to wear shoes on his bare feet, is to find the most easy and short socks in tone shoes and the color of the pants. On the photo – the worst variant: thick socks made of wool, under top сайдеры, fun пестренькой colors. Fatal error.  
Shorts socks


One more summer taboos concerning socks. Socks with shorts and look so good not the best, and really long and gathering in the accordion at the ankle is a great dress code for casting in a Comedy act. Flip flops in the city 0 Flip-flops, flip-flops – shoes is only appropriate where there is water: sea, lake, river, pool. Looked around and did not find anything similar? Rather remove inappropriate shoes, as long as no one sees. Backpack with a suit 0 Even if from the office you go straight you go on a weekend in the countryside or in the forest, unprepossessing sports backpack all the same it is better to replace stylish викендером. For example, from our recent assignments. There is nothing more blatantly not going in style than the official jacket, “decorated” behind a backpack. Bust of flowers 0 In the summer everyone wants to look bright nobody denies. One bright color accent will be enough to run the program. Everything else not add your individuality, creativity and молодежности, but it will look like a clown, or a parrot. Solid jeans 0 Denim – material as stylish as dangerous. When selecting jeans image should be careful: fully assembled of a denim things onion, first, simply merged into one shapeless heap, and secondly, will give you the kind of guy from the American heartland. If you’re not going for the summer to work on a farm – it is better to select denim things at least different shades and textures, or try one jeans and accent.

Lawlessness prints

1 Selection of prints each other – so dangerous and unstable territory, which is better for her not go: the goal will be. Peas, flowers, tiger stripes – let pop into your image in a single copy.

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