Trains with groups of artists, poets and musicians, riding on the country and organizing lectures and exhibitions in small towns ” in our country, this form of propaganda mastered in 1920. Now its back to life in the United States. This fall through States of America will travel on a train, which will bring together остроактуальные artists and musicians. At stops (planned 10, including Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles) passengers агитвагонов will make people aware of the latest trends in art, music, literature and film.


Among the participants of the project – Peter coffin, URS Fischer, Ernesto Neto and other famous figures of contemporary art. However, what they will show the audience – is unknown. The inspirer of the journey, the artist Doug Aitken, said that the most important in the project direct interaction with the audience and improvisation and not to follow a certain program. So while the агитзаезде you can say only one thing: thanks to him, U.S. residents приобщатся the latest advances in kinetic art. The train, which will go artists, Aitken turned into a kinetic art object, decorate 9 cars LEDs change color depending on the weather and speed of movement.

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