Вредные привычки мужчин угрожают здоровью их детей и внуковAccording to scientists from the Netherlands, children suffer through the fault of their parents. Studies have shown that unhealthy lifestyle fathers, provoke mass disorders in children and grandchildren.
Researchers from the University of Maastricht watched families, divided into 2 groups according to their level of income. Financial factor played an important role, as previously it was found that men from low-income families often lead the wrong way of life, little play sports and have a harmful habit of Smoking.
Also the lack of material goods forcing family worse eat and use poor-quality household chemicals. And if we add to all the stress occurs in people due to lack of Finance, and fatigue after additional residence, in sum, obtained unhealthy lifestyle.
Doctors discovered mutations in genes, provoked a way of life of the father, children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. This means that health problems are inherited as descendants. In other words, the parent is able to affect the DNA of several generations.
In this regard, scientists urge all adults to ignore the sport, malnourished, often drinking alcohol and Smoking take into account the fact that such a way of life can substantially harm the health of their offspring.
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