Шаровая сетьGoogle will circulate the Internet, around the world with the help of balloons. After Google Glass company introduced a new ambitious project called Project Loon. Google plans to make the Internet the whole planet, including the most underdeveloped and remote areas, as well as hard-to-reach zones: deserts, sea and mountain areas. To implement such a global plan of transnational Corporation is collected using a giant balloons. 0 Balloons from Google will be located on the aircraft and the clouds – in the layer of the stratosphere. They will communicate with each other, with base stations on earth and with clients using specialized equipment, created in Google labs X – technology «ball» Internet completely different from a cellular or Wi-Fi. Also, Google developed the algorithms in the case of having to move the balls, using wind power and solar power. 0 Although the project is still at the experimental stage, the developers are optimistic: Google assures that knows how to keep the balls at a height of 20 kilometers and ensure that the connection speed of 3G Internet or even higher. First try a new kind of communication, which, perhaps, will change the world and finally allow for «world wide web become indeed the world, people from New Zealand. Yesterday, Google launched the first 50 balls. Internet resources: network Ball

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