Miniature road speaker Bose sound. The only thing I was missing in the line of acoustic manufacturer Bose is a compact marching column. Fill this gap, the company decided to speaker SoundLink Mini with technology adoption streaming audio via Bluetooth and 7-hour music playback from a single charge of the battery. 0 0 A tiny column weighs about 700 grams and has dimensions of 6 to 18 inches at a thickness of 5 cm, which is a bit more of a hard case for glasses. By the way, the kit includes a travel pouch made of thick fabric, which protects the device from chips and scratches. Originally column comes in an aluminum casing, but it can be a bit «revive» the bright removable cover, which the manufacturer offers separately. 0 Price Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speakers in places of retail sales is about $ 200.

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