Коробка из будущегоNew ideas of the development of the packaging industry – from the Cup of bacteria to bags of rice. Краудфандинговая platform Ideo created the project Designs on within which produces thematic reviews of new ideas and design solutions. The theme of 2013 was packing. Can the problem of storing anything inferior to global warming by publicity in the media, however, are not less global. 0Biodegradable container Leftovers for осатков food from the restaurant. The label is the product and validity, and also placed signature chefs.   All participants were asked to unite in groups and choose a subject for improvement. The main condition was that the new project 3 components: «object», «actions» and «emotions». I mean, advertising of condoms (object) should not cause embarrassment and require courage (emotion)to come to the counter and make a purchase (action). 0 Condoms CNDM in a convenient package. As packaging materials serve as a mediator between the product and the surrounding world, all the concepts were conditionally divided into 2 blocks: «Convergence» and «Alienation». 0 Cigarette Cigg Seeds seeds of the plants in the filter. Once habit of throwing gobies’t change, you can make it «useful». In the first category are presented projects aimed at improving the interaction between the user and the product. Example – packing fragrance City Scent – bottles in the form of the architectural sights of London, Paris and other famous cities. They are «stored» in the aroma of megacities: mint and Jasmine for Jerusalem, Gardenia and bread – Paris, sugar cane and shampoo for new York. 0 Aromatic сувенирв City Scent. 0 Light bags of Rice universal media – rice fibers. In the category of «Alienation» is the opposite: ideas are designed for separation of the object and the consumer. Packaging helps protect the user from contact with портящимся or merely annoying content. For example, in the set of wrappers for raw meat Mr. Carcass are plastic gloves. Thanks to this, the buyer does not have to touch cuts bare hands. 0 Packing Mr. Carcass, which allows not to touch raw meat. 0Packing layer Expired, which warns that the product unusable. 0 Chopsticks are requested to do out of the ordinary branches, which are not used in industrial woodworking – instead destroy bamboo thickets or stamp plastic chopsticks. According to experts Ideo, the most provocative project is Synthetic Biology, which is based on implementation of biology in the sphere of design. Its developers have created the Cup that naturally grows from the harmless microorganisms until they are drawn to the light. As noted by the creators , dishes of probiotics enriches the taste of the food and good for digestion. 0 Bacteria are drawn to the light source and can create whatever forms, like the 3D-printer. Of course, all these novelties are not available, however, the project Designs on is an important attempt to look into the future of packaging materials and vividly show the direction of progress and that would likely expect all of humanity. Internet resources: Box from the future

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