Сгорел на солнце: первая помощь при солнечных ожогахSunburn is a very common phenomenon in the summer. Chances are that this person will get a sunburn if will be found in the sun between 11 to 16 hours a day – this time the sun’s rays are the most dangerous and aggressive.
Sunburns are of two types: the first and second degree. Most often people get burns first degree when the skin is red, and people experience unpleasant and painful sensations.
More complex sunburn – second degree. They are accompanied by blisters filled with fluid.
Коварность sunburn that the first time a person may not feel that burned in the sun, and after a few hours of burn begins to emerge.
To burn enough just a little too long stay in the sun, and through time feel symptoms of sunburn:
– the skin of the burn becomes inflamed and red, and touching it hurts;
within a few days after exposure to the sun, the skin may припухнуть, covered with blisters or crusted. Some people have a rash may appear;
– sometimes increases overall body temperature. In this case, should be wary of dehydration. 
What if burned in the sun?
1. It is necessary to cool the affected skin. At least 10-15 minutes to stand under a cold shower. You can also soak in cold water towel or piece of cloth, or wrap the ice in a cloth and wipe affected skin areas.
2. If you feel the need to relieve pain, accept or Aspirin, or «Paracetamol», or Ibuprofen, or «Acetaminophen». Reduce the burning and itching help antihistamines. In addition, aspirin with ibuprofen inhibit the formation of toxic substances, due to which the skin is red and puffy.
3. To reduce inflammation, pain and speed the healing sun-damaged skin, you must take advantage of special means that can be purchased at a pharmacy. But, in no case can not be anointed affected skin with butter, sour cream, fat, alcohol, vinegar and ointments, and not designed for this purpose. ONLY special medical means for sunburn! Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to the deterioration in the infection of the skin.
4. Drink extra fluids: cool teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks. Also, to prevent dehydration should drink a special tool, for example, Regidron.
5. If appeared on the skin blisters, it is not prohibited to touch them and to self-medicate. You should immediately contact the nearest emergency room. To the doctor care also should use any degradation status.
Twice on the same rake
Doctors warn that the scorched skin requires several months of recovery. If the skin is peeled off, the new layer will be more unprotected and sensitive. So get a sunburn again will be much easier and faster. 
Take care of yourself and your skin – use sunscreen, wear headgear, choose the right time for sunbathing and be healthy!
A good holiday!
Internet resources: Burned in the sun: first aid for sunburn

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