22 June in Cannes identified last winners of Cannes lions this year. 2013 year was successful for Russia – project «Make the officials work» (advertising Agency «Sunrise») received as much as 4 gold lion. In addition Golden lions received Yota for the campaign «Two screens better one». Trendymen.ru studied these and other winners of the main contest of the world.


Metro Trains, Dumb Ways to Die

The absolute leader of the Cannes lions this year was the Australian Agency McCann Melbourne. It received the Grand Prix for video on safety in the metro in the nominations «Direction», «Film», «Radio», PR and Titanium lions». The idea for the story filed people, Darwin received the award for the most stupid death – in a washing machine on the overdue pizza or after a swim in the pool with piranha.

Video for the song Dumb Ways to Die Australian band The Cat Empire virally spread far beyond Australia, gaining millions of views on Youtube.

Sunrise, Force the politicians to work

The great success achieved and of its Russian projects sent to the contest were sent to about 300). The project «Force the politicians to work»done by the Agency «Sunrise» for the Internet edition Ura.ru received 5 gold Lviv, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Social advertising was spontaneous character: for 1 day on the areas of roads in Yekaterinburg appeared to be a caricature of officials from the city. The pits on the pavement became a part of cartoons depicting the first persons of the city. Per night roads repaired and the drawings erased, but the images are already in the network and spread virally.

Yota, Two screen better one

Двухэкранный telephone Yota got the gold in the category Innovation Lions. With one hand he touch screen, with another e-book. In this nomination celebrate the most interesting examples of new technologies that can be applied in advertising.


Intel + Toshiba The Beauty Inside

Joint advertising campaign Intel and Toshiba, made by the Agency Pereira & O Dell received the Grand Prix at Cannes lions in the nominations «Branded content», «Cyber lions» and «Film». However, she could take the prize and the competition of short films. The plot of the campaign resembles оскароносную «Mysterious history of Benjamin Button». The Beauty Inside is a series of short video about a man who every day changes the body, becoming the 20-year-old guy, the 70-year old woman. This unusual situation especially he is not concerned about, until he falls in love.

To take part in the filming of The Beauty Inside could any Intel and Toshiba gained performers that the main character through Facebook account campaign. Releases coming out in the format of the show and spread virally across the network. According to Toshiba and Intel, The Beauty Inside 2 months gained about 70 million hits and has caused the sale of 360%.

Oreo Daily Twist aka Cookies day

Winner of the second Grand Prix in the nomination «Cyber lions» (along with The Beauty Inside), Mondelez International received a prize for the Internet-campaign for the 100th anniversary of Oreo cookies. Every morning during the 100 days designers Agency chose the most relevant one (positive) event of the day and came up with the thematic cookies. For example, in the form of a bat in support of a new «Dark knight»with rainbow filling for the day gay pride, and stamped with a Shoe – the anniversary of the moon landing.


Image biscuits daily basis laid out in the Facebook campaign watched 433 million times, and the number of reposts with account of the group increased by 280%.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple this year for the first time won the Grand Prix of Cannes lions. Award in the nomination «Press» received TWBA/Media Arts Lab for advertising in the famous American editions: Time, Wallpaper, New Yorker. On the back side of the log repeated his cover, but in a reduced variant, on the screen of the iPad.

Apple iPad

IBM Billboard

Grand Prix for the best of external advertising handed Ogilvy & Mather France for for IBM invented their design. They made billboards can serve козьрьком under which to hide from the rain, a bench or a ramp.


Unilever Real Beauty Sketches

Dove woman that they are much more beautiful than themselves perceive, and received the Grand Prix «the Titanium lions». This was done as follows: Ogilvy Brazil requested girls-Facebook users describe their appearance to the artist, who had not seen them. Then the appearance of women of the same artist told their friends. Based on the descriptions he did 2 portraits, the second of which (namely, created the stories of friends) was far more beautiful than the first.

In the nomination «the Titanium lions are assessed work, which used three or more media.

Sport Club Recife Immortal Fans

Ogilvy Brazil this year received another Grand Prix for the best promo campaign. Invented by them for the Brazilian football club promo-action ensures that their fans will live much longer than fans of all other teams. At least fragmentary.

Specially for fans of the advertising Agency made cards organ donors with symbols of the team. They can write, what parts of your body you are ready to sacrifice needy after death. The program was attended by about 50 000 fans of the club and, according to the statistics Agency, the number of donations of organs for the year increased by 54%. It’s unknown whether it was good for the fans.

Channel 4’s Meet The Superhumans

Best campaign on the quality of shooting this year was declared the roller 4creative London, made at the request of the fourth TV channel. Advertising was designed to attract viewers to viewing the Paralympic games, and was quite successful.

For the first time all tickets for this sporting event has been sold out completely, and the TV audience of the ceremony of the opening of the games was the largest in the last 10 years. And to complete our review – «audio guide» for the Museum of erotica Point G, received a bronze lion.

The authors of the advertising Agency Y&R Moscow.

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