Carducci Dual Sport SC3 AdventureCustom bike for racing Enduro-based Harley-Davidson. Dream to go off the road Harley with asphalt coating and with the comfort of a fly on the rough terrain pursued custom engineer Jim Carducci about 10 years. And another 2.5 years were spent on the implementation of the ambitious project, when the final plan has finally matured. 00 For a start, Jim bought a Harley-Davidson Sportster and manufactured a new frame to the pre-established drawings, as well as the pendulum arm, protection headlights, frame and a number of other less visible parts and structural elements. Engine «спортстера, possessing and without that high torque, was additionally boosted, and native absorption, of course, were replaced with reinforced suspension from Ohlins. 000 Among the bright updated details exterior, manufactured on special order aluminum fuel tank 22.7 liters and new pipes exhaust pipes, as before located on the one hand, but this time bent upwards. The final touch to the image of a real Enduro for SC3 Adventure steel wheels from Buchanan: 18 radius from behind and increased according to the regulations 21 – front. Internet resources: Carducci Dual Sport SC3 Adventure

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