The other day in Seattle, opened the exhibition «the Beauty of the future: 30 years of Japanese fashion», devoted, as not difficult to guess the study of this important for the fashion-world phenomena. In the 1970s the Western podium for the first time presented their collections Asian designers, such as Kenzo and Issey Miyake. It then emerged unprecedented revolutionary wave, which reached its peak in the mid-1980s, and now may well be one of the trends of modern art.

The main scandal, обеспечивщий Japanese fashion design стихающие to this day influence and authority, happened at Paris fashion week in 1983. In two collections of young designers from Japan was demonstrated to the public a completely new aesthetics, unlike anything that existed in fashion before. Maximum black, loose fit, hyperbolic form, ignoring traditional female silhouette… the Show caused so much discussion and questions, as was evident: in the world of fashion appeared brand new movement. Designers called Rei Kawakubo and Yoji Yamamoto.

0Yohji Yamamoto

0Comme des Garçons (Rei Kawakubo)

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