The table-top of DuPont Corian can recharge smartphone without wires. Division of DuPont Innovations in construction and Alliance Power Matters have developed a wireless charger for mobile devices as a decoration. More eco-friendly material, DuPont Corian resemblance to the familiar countertops, however, is able to take any form from the tables to the door handles. 0 To replenish the energy you need to connect your phone or tablet to miniature adapter that comes to smart table. Next starts operating system wireless charging Duracell Powermat, hidden beneath the surface of artificial stone. 0 According to representatives of the project DuPont Corian, the introduction of wireless technologies in interior elements and decorations, including the charging of gadgets is one of the most promising areas of construction. In addition, large airports and stadiums have already begun to use such innovations. 0 The cost of the panels DuPont Corian is still to be announced.

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